Why Alarm.com is the Business Alarm System We Recommend

Why Alarm.com is the Business Alarm System We Recommend

If you own a business, you want to know that it’s protected. Often, this means installing a security system. In this area, Alarm.com is one of the best options for you to consider. Let’s look at some of the business security solutions they can provide.

Intelligent Intrusion Detection Customized for Your Business

When you’re running a business, you want to know that your premises will be kept safe and secure.  Alarm.com offers intelligent intrusion detection software.  This will allow you to receive an alert when someone comes onto the property. You’ll then be able to decide what action to take. In some cases, you might just want to take a remote view from your smartphone using live video surveillance. At other times, you might want to contact the local authorities.

You’ll also get alerts when something about your system changes. For example, you might have left a door or window unlocked. In other cases, someone might try to disable the system. One of the benefits of this business alarm system is that it learns your patterns. This includes important data when you typically arrive home from work and when you leave in the mornings. So, if activity is detected outside of these times, you’ll be able to receive an alert.

Reports can be generated that give you more details about the activity in your business. For example, you’ll be able to track when each door is opened. This can allow you to determine your peak activity time. This is just one element of creating an informed security plan to keep your premises safe.

Remote View and Video Surveillance for Business with Alarm.com

One of the most important components of any business security solution is the ability to get high-quality video surveillance. Alarm.com makes this easy. This business alarm system allows you to get an HD quality video from the cameras positioned around the site. You’ll be able to remote view these feeds from your smartphone. This ensures that you’ll be able to keep an eye on your business from anywhere in the world.

For larger businesses, managing the cameras can become a big hassle. You might need to switch between multiple screens, running the risk of missing important activity. Thankfully, this won’t be an issue when you decide to use Alarm.com.

In this case, you’ll be able to get the most important cameras on a single screen. From here, you’ll be able to remote view up to four feeds. You will also be able to group multiple feeds. For example, you might want to look at all the exterior cameras or all the ones that are based in the kitchen. This is ideal
when tracking the activities of an intruder until law enforcement arrives.

You’ll also be able to record clips. These will be sent to the cloud where they will be stored securely.  Then, you’ll be able to search for them later. This can be a great way of gathering evidence about what is happening on your property. If needed, these clips can be used by law enforcement.

You can get video alerts, so you’ll know whenever something is happening in an area that is important to you. For example, you might want to get a doorbell camera. When someone pushes the button, you’ll automatically be sent an alert and you can access the live feed, to see who it is. This gives you more control over who is allowed onto your business premises.

Access Control is a Major Component of Business Security Solutions

When you’re running a business, it’s common to want to restrict what employees can and can’t access.  This will ensure that only approved people can get into certain areas. However, with traditional business alarm systems, this can be hard to manage. You might need to get a lot of separate keys or create a long list of user passwords.

Thankfully, the Alarm.com system is set to make access control easier. You’ll be able to control employee access from your laptop. You can also set up user controls. If something goes wrong, you’ll be able to revoke individuals instantly, preventing disgruntled employees from doing any serious damage.  You can also streamline the process by breaking employees into groups. From there, you can control what areas each group will be able to access. By taking this approach, you’ll be able to manage a large team with no difficulty.

Another benefit of using Alarm.com is that you’ll be able to use the latest access control technologies.  You can get smart locks, which can be centrally controlled. In other cases, you might want to set up a system where each user will have a unique code. You can choose to have a keypad and reader on each door. As your business grows, the Alarm.com technology will grow with you. This makes it easy for you to retain access control.

Alarm.com’s Energy Management for Business Alarms: Make a Smaller Footprint

Increasingly, businesses want to minimize their impact on the environment. As a result, the best business alarm solutions also include ways you can reduce the amount of energy that you are using. This is also a great way to reduce your operating costs, helping you save money. Alarm.com makes this aspect of energy management easier. You’ll be able to use this system to encourage more automation.  For example, you could get a smart thermostat, which will help you make sure that your business is kept at an optimal temperature.

Alarm.com’s business security solutions can also help you with energy management by analyzing different business activities. Then, it will be able to make some recommendations for reducing your bills. By making a few small changes you’ll be able to minimize your environmental impact while saving money.

Call for an estimate and see if your current security system will work with Alarm.com options. We are a one-stop, single point of contact for low voltage, security camera sales and maintenance, video surveillance design, access control and security monitoring packages. We use Alarm.com ourselves and have partnered with them because of their advanced technologies, robust features and superior service.

Top 5 COVID 19 Technology Tools to Help Your Business

Top 5 COVID 19 Technology Tools to Help Your Business

COVID 19 has had a dramatic impact on businesses. It’s forced many organizations to re-think their approach as they try to keep their employees safe. During these difficult times, there are many ways that you can make this transition easier. Let’s look at five technologies that your business can use to remain productive, safe and profitable.

1. Microsoft Teams to Ensure Productivity

To keep their employees safe, many employers have decided to transition to a virtual workplace. However, this has presented a range of new challenges. Principally, how do you stay in contact with your employees?

For many business owners, Microsoft Teams might be the ideal answer, encompassing a wide range of functions. This is a perfect example of helpful COVID 19 technology, built to allow teams to communicate and collaborate online. The Microsoft Team’s app contains a range of inbuilt technologies that can provide invaluable support for businesses during the pandemic.

First, MS Teams allows all your team members to chat with each other. You can subdivide your workforce into sections, called teams, or work from a general board where anyone can contribute. Team members can video-chat with each other. Microsoft Teams also has an audio-conferencing feature.

Another benefit of this app is the ability to seamlessly share important documents. As the owner of a business, you’ll be able to decide who can access which document, ensuring that you’ll be able to protect any sensitive information. Microsoft Teams is included with Office 365.

2. Remote Support of COVID 19 Technology Tools

During the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to rely on technology even more due to increased telecommuting. As a result, tech support is more important than ever. Ensure that you have a good remote support service. This is a way for you to easily communicate with tech workers. If something goes wrong, they’ll be able to remotely access your system and fix it for you.

You might also want to use this service to help you set up new services. For example, you might want to use them to help your company access Microsoft Teams or transition to a secure video conferencing system. You can also use them to service existing technologies, making sure that they are still working properly. Your office can still be effective while everyone is telecommuting!

Finally, remote support services will be able to help you make sure that you are staying cyber-safe. The number of hacking attacks during COVID 19 has increased, and you want to ensure your business and employees aren’t vulnerable to these kinds of attacks while working remotely.

3. Touchless Access Control to Stop the Spread of COVID 19

It’s also important to think about how your business can reduce the COVID risk for in-office employees. There are many ways you can do this. However, one of the best methods is to implement touchless access control across your business. We know that the virus can survive on commonly touched surfaces. When you touch one of these infected surfaces, then touch your face, you risk becoming infected.

Touchless door access control technologies can help stop this type of transmission. This COVID era technology will ensure that you’ll be able to access buildings and offices without needing to touch anything. For example, facial recognition technology allows you to control who enters which part of the business. In other cases, it might incorporate palm recognition.

There are a few other benefits associated with touchless access control. First, you’ll be able to guide the traffic flow throughout your building. You’ll also be able to make sure that your business is secure. Another benefit is an increase in convenience, as people will be able to navigate through the building faster. These advantages will continue long after the pandemic is over.

4. Protect Employees with Thermal Cameras (COVID Screening)

If you’re running a business, you need to make sure that you will be able to protect your employees from infection. One of the best ways of doing this is by being able to implement COVID screening and identify who might be infected. There are several symptoms, such as a runny nose or fever; however, these can be hard to detect. Instead, you might want to focus on using thermal cameras to screen incoming patrons.

A thermal camera is able to detect anyone who has a high temperature, allowing security to take proper action. This measure can also give workers more peace of mind, making them feel more comfortable about coming into the office during the pandemic.

5. Telecommuting Made Easy with Office 365 Collaboration

If you’re working remotely, your team must be able to collaborate. There are plenty of tools that you can use to do this, but the most convenient will be those associated with Office 365. These programs are commonly used by employees, so they will need minimal training to be able to access the new features.

There are plenty of Office 365 collaboration tools to explore. For example, you might want to investigate Groups. This allows you to group teams of workers, making communicating about a project easier. They will also be able to share an inbox and calendar, to make creating and managing deadlines simple.

Another benefit is the ability to use OneDrive, to put documents into the cloud. You’ll then be able to send a link to team members, who will be able to access and edit them. These changes can be made and recorded in real-time. You’ll also be able to comment and video call with other team members, making it easy to share your ideas and work on projects together.

COVID 19 has forced businesses to re-think their approaches and put new practices in place to take care of employees. However, this doesn’t mean that productivity needs to fall. There are dozens of ways that you can make working remotely easier.

Our experienced team can help you set up these COVID 19 technology tools, or service existing ones. We are familiar with all the tools presented: Microsoft Teams, remote support for telecommuting, touchless access control and thermal camera system design, installation and maintenance. We’ll help you adapt to changing circumstances and remain productive during the pandemic. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for all your IT service and security system needs.

COVID 19 Tech Strategies Using Avigilon Camera Solutions

COVID 19 Tech Strategies Using Avigilon Camera Solutions

As a certified dealer, we’ve installed Avigilon cameras for years. Avigilon designs, manufactures and markets megapixel cameras, video surveillance software and security system equipment. Owned by US-based Motorola since 2018, the company brings a huge amount of technical expertise to the security industry.

Originally, Avigilon was most known for its high-resolution cameras (they still are) but the company has increasingly focused on video analytics. Today, as an industry leader in high definition video technology, their video security, management software, access control solutions and cloud services are integrated and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Avigilon’s portfolio of video security systems and access control management systems are designed to empower security teams with high-performance technologies that are purpose-built and easy-to-use.

Avigilon Cameras Support COVID 19 Response Efforts

Avigilon cameras and analytics are designed to help enterprises and employees return safely to the workplace, ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers. Their AI-powered solutions focus on the key elements of safety and security particular to the COVID 19 pandemic. They are addressing the critical gaps in the availability of technologies needed as a response to the COVID 19 outbreak.

Their innovations and solutions include video analytics for:

  • occupancy counting
  • face mask detection
  • social distancing
  • thermal cameras
  • body-worn cameras for front-line worker
  • contact tracing with access control
  • contact tracing in higher education
  • mobile patient alert and communications

Through the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, security personnel can be notified if guidelines are not observed and can quickly make informed decisions to address the situation. The new Identity Correlation Report helps employers better understand where an individual has been within the workplace and along with Appearance Search Technology and Identity Search can assist with contact tracing on the premises.

Avigilon’s Newest Technologies

Avigilon’s newest technologies are ushering in a new era and are reinventing video surveillance, defining the future of protection through innovative, end-to-end and customized security. These efforts are making cities safer and helping communities and businesses thrive across many industries, in more than 120 countries worldwide. The latest, patented innovations include:

• Avigilon Control Center 7 Software:

ACC software now with AI-powered facial recognition technology.

• Next-Generation Video Analytics:

Offers more reliable and responsive detection of up to 50 objects in the scene.

• Avigilon Appearance Search Technology:

Enables finding a vehicle or person by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including vehicle type and color and a person’s clothing color, gender and age.

• Access Control Manager System:

Seamlessly integrates across an entire video security system to help detect, verify and act on events.

• Identity Search Feature:

Enables a rapid search for a person of interest using access credentials.

• H5A Camera Line:

Built with the most advanced video analytics yet.

• H4 Thermal VGA Cameral Line:

Combines self-learning video analytics with thermal camera technology to provide long-range perimeter protection, even under challenging conditions.

Avigilon’s Impressive Product Range

Avigilon’s cameras and sensors not only provide a high level of image detail but are also designed with the intelligence to help you make sense of the images you’re seeing and to take appropriate action with confidence and reliability.

Some of their best products include the

 Avigilon H4 Camera Line:

• H4A Dome

– embedded with AI Appliance (ACC software, video analytics and appearance search technologies)

• H4 Video Intercom

– visitor management – remotely identify, communicate and authorize access

• H4SL

– the easiest to install of all the cameras with patented bandwidth-saving technology (HDSM SmartCodec technology) and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology

• H4A Bullet

– with unique adaptive infrared (IR) technology


– control meets infrared performance

• H4 Multisensor

– (below) multisensory panoramic cameras incorporate multiple image sensors, 360-degree coverage and self-learning video analytics

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance

– camera systems evolve into powerful AI solutions when connected to ACC software

• vigilon Blue

– cloud service platform for remote security and surveillance, purpose-built for Avigilon Partners

• Third Generation High Definition Video Appliance (HDVA)

– re-designed and re-engineered to deliver high performance, reliability and serviceability.

We are a certified Avigilon dealer, and can provide you with Avigilon tech support, as well as information on their entire video camera line, including models H5A, H5SL, H5M, H4A, H4Sl, H4 Mini, H4 Pro, H4 Multisensor, Fisheye, PTZ and their thermal cameras for COVID 19 monitoring. We also support their video infrastructure, AI and video analytics, video management software and access control. We design video surveillance systems to fit the needs of your business, install them and provide monitoring services.

2017 Best Home Security Tips

2017 Best Home Security Tips

It’s a new year and home security is more important than ever. Our 2017 best home security tips in Orlando can help you keep your home (and business) safer. And when it comes to your safety, cutting corners will end up costing you more than what you believe you saved.

From the right home security systems, to little tips and tricks you can do yourself, make sure your home stays safe and secure by trying these seven tips and home security tricks below.

It’s a great feeling to take charge of your own home security and make sure you, your family, and your belongings stay safe.

Put these Orlando home security tips to good use, and you can relax, knowing you’re secure.


1. Always Be ‘Home’


This may be the most widely-known tip when it comes to protecting your home from invasion. But having the appearance that you’re home is a great way to deter burglars from your house.

Typically, when someone wants to break into a home, they want the easiest possible experience. That means they don’t want to deal with people potentially being in the home. Their goal is to get in, and get out as quickly as possible.

Simply leaving a few lights, or a television running while you’re away is a great, quick way to make your house look occupied, and reduce the risk of break ins.

A great way to do this is through automatic timers, that can flip on interior and exterior lights at a certain time of day if you know you’re not going to be home.


2. Install the Best Security Cameras


This may be the most important tip for having the best home security system. Security cameras are not as big and bulky as they used to be, and are actually quite discrete, and easy to use. Insyte Security uses a variety of security cameras in Orlando homes, and they are as user-friendly as cable television.

Cameras can be installed just about anywhere inside or outside of your home, with zoom and tilt options to capture every angle, even in the dark of night. They are a cost-effective way to provide a lot of peace of mind.

Cameras catch would-be burglars in the act so you can call the authorities. But they’ll also give you a clear identity of the perpetrator, so they won’t get away with their potential crime.


3. Keep Your Security System Secure


Professional burglars know all the tricks when it comes to getting past an Orlando home security system, even if you have the best home security system.

This means having all wiring hidden on the exterior of your home. If your security system has cables, cameras, etc., make sure they are out of plain sight. This keeps anyone walking the exterior of your home from seeing them.

Make sure when your security system is being installed, all cables are out of view around your home.


4. Take Your Security With You


If you have a security system installed, make sure you know what’s going on, even if you’re not home. A system that can connect to an app, your computer, or directly to your mobile device is a great way to keep track of what’s going on at home if you’re away.

Most security systems today can send you alerts, updates, etc., and is a great way to have peace of mind, even when everything is secure!


5. Install Deadbolt Locks


Obviously, having secure locks is important when it comes to every door in your home that leads in from the outside. Installing deadbolt locks provides an extra layer of security.

Deadbolts are significantly stronger than typical spring locks, and harder to force open. Make sure to install them correctly so a home invader cannot pry open any space between the lock and the door.


6. Secure Windows & Sliding Glass Doors


It may seem cliche, but if someone wants to break into your home and they can’t find an easy way through the door, they will try going through the window or patio door.

There are several options when it comes to securing your windows. First, be sure to install locks on each window. Lower or more vulnerable windows can be reinforced with special glass. Use two smaller window panes instead of one larger pane, so it can be harder for invaders to climb through.

Typically, if something proves to be difficult, or will take quite a bit of time, they’ll avoid it altogether.

For your patio or sliding glass doors, reinforce locks by using a metal bar along the track that can prevent home invaders from opening the door. Any metal bar will do. And most can be purchased at your local hardware store.


7. Hire the Best Home Security Professional Possible


There are many tips and tricks you can do yourself when it comes to the best home security. If you want to ensure its overall safety in the long run, it’s best to hire a professional service as opposed to trying ‘DIY’ security which can have vulnerabilities.


Safety tips are always important and it’s great to take charge of your own security. But nothing can beat the technology and extra benefits that come from a professionally installed system.

No matter what type of neighborhood you might live in, and no matter how often you’re home, break ins unfortunately happen all over the country. Keep your home and business safe in 2017. 

Security Tips for Home Safety this Christmas

Security Tips for Home Safety this Christmas

During the holidays, we don’t often want to think about anything ‘bad’ happening. But, it’s so easy to get caught up in fun festivities, that we ignore the safety and security of our Orlando homes, businesses, etc. Thankfully, there are a few useful things you can do to keep your home as secure as possible this holiday season.

When you put these tips into practice, you can sit back, and enjoy the merriment with friends and family, without worrying about amateur burglars, or professional break-ins!


Be Careful With Packages


Now more than ever, people are ordering Christmas presents online, and having them shipped to their home. There are two concerns that come with this type of thing, when it comes to your overall security.

First of all, when a delivery driver leaves a package outside your home (on the front porch, etc.), it’s a prime target for a quick robbery. Burglars don’t even necessarily care what’s in the package as they pick it up. If it’s something they can use or sell later, they’ll be happy.

To lessen the risk of your packages being left out, try to schedule deliveries during times you’ll be home. If that’s not possible, make a special request for drivers to drop off packages at the back of your home.

Even if you’ve had no problems with your packages, be careful when throwing them away or recycling them. If you ordered a television, for example, don’t leave the box displaying what it is out in the open for everyone in the neighborhood to see. If a criminal walks by and knows you have a fancy TV in your home, they could plan a break-in.


Be ‘Present’ at Home


It’s not uncommon to travel throughout the holiday season. If you do, however, make sure not many people know you’re gone! Keep lights on, even on a timer at night, and be careful what you post on social media. If someone knows you’re out of town, it makes it that much easier for them to break in. Make sure your security system is updated and set each time you leave home.


Be ‘Present’ With Your Presents


It’s a beautiful sight to see a Christmas tree from a window. However, keep your gifts/presents hidden from plain view from the outside. This is just as tempting as a fancy, empty box. A pile of presents is a prime target for a break in.

With these simple holiday tips in mind, you can keep your home and your family safe from harm, and safe from tragedy. Enjoy your holiday season, and make sure you’re taking the proper steps to make it a secure one!