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Avigilon camera and security solutions include easy-to-use software and hardware IP network products, including image capture, analysis, storage, and playback of high-quality video surveillance footage. Their solutions can be configured into a customized, integrated intelligent security system, with such features as automatic event detection, pattern-based analytics, teach-by-example self-learning, appearance search, and even remote viewing on mobile devices.


Avigilon’s mission is to help keep people and communities safe with AI-powered security solutions. From security cameras to video analytics, access control solutions to cloud services, Avigilon’s solutions have been installed at thousands of customer sites around the world, including banks, government facilities, hospitals, mining facilities, and sports stadiums.


Avigilon cameras — including the new H4 and H5 lines — provide different types of video surveillance and security for nearly every operation and function. They provide a high level of image detail and use AI-based analytics so you can make sense of what you’re seeing.
Their video, cloud, and access control solutions integrate into your entire video security system, helping you find traffic patterns, identify problem areas and issues, and display your data on cloud-based dashboards. Avigilon is owned by Motorola Solutions, which is based in Chicago, Illinois.

AVIGILON CAMERA Products Assist with Response to COVID 19

Avigilon cameras can help you ensure your employees’ and visitors’ safety

Avigilon’s thermal camera can increase the efficiency of physical screening efforts in contactless pre-screening at certain access points. Rather than scanning individuals’ temperatures with heat guns, the H4 Elevated Temperature Detection will detect people with elevated skin temperatures and notify operators for further checks.


Avigilon’s other COVID 19 solutions also include:

• Occupancy counting technology:

AI-powered video analytics can track the number of people entering and leaving, displaying results in a cloud-based dashboard. This helps you spot traffic patterns, peak periods, and entry points that need extra attention.


• Social distancing technology:

The same AI system helps you see if social distancing violations occur, as well as spot zones that require regular corrective measures.


• Face mask detection technology:

Avigilon’s video analytics can also spot people who are not wearing face masks, allowing facility managers to take corrective action or provide further training and education.


• Body cameras for front-line workers:

These cameras can deter aggression and violence while capturing video evidence.


• Contact tracing and access control:

Contact tracing can help you track where infected individuals have gone in your facility, which doors they touched, and who they have been in contact with.


• Contact tracing in higher education:

As colleges and universities reopen, a unified video security and access control solution can help schools monitor every location where a potentially infected individuals have been and who has been in their vicinity.


• Mobile patient alert and communication:

Avigilon’s mobile nurse call stations are outfitted with Avigilon Control Center software and security cameras. Their video analytics can notify staff about problems while reducing contact with infected patients.


The Newest Avigilon Camera Technologies

In addition to their COVID 19 monitoring technology, Avigilon is making several advancements in video security and surveillance. Their latest high-resolution cameras, coupled with their artificial intelligence and video analytics systems, provide such solutions as appearance search, facial recognition, focus of attention, license plate recognition, unusual activity detection, and unusual motion detection.
Avigilon has also released a new H5A explosion-protected camera line, which is suitable for hazardous environments like the oil and gas industry, mining, and industrial sites. The H5A also includes support for Avigilon Appearance Search technology, as well as the new Unusual Activity Detection, which can highlight abnormal activity, such as the unusual location or abnormal speed of a person’s movement.

The company has released a new integration between VideoTag body-worn cameras and the Avigilon Control Center. When specific types of incidents take place, this can trigger the camera’s live video feed to display and notify security personnel, so they can respond accordingly.

Their next-generation and self-learning video analytics gives you advanced pattern-based analytics that can recognize the movements of people and vehicles, while ignoring any motion or activity not relevant to a scene. The AI system’s teach-by-example object classifier technology lets you teach the system about false alarms, and it then learns to better identify them, so it can lower its false-positive rate. Over time, the system learns the scene and can prioritize important events based on user feedback.

Selecting the Right Avigilon Camera for Your Business

Avigilon has products and solutions that work for agriculture, airports, banking, education, gaming, government, healthcare, mining, oil & gas, ports, public-private partnerships, retail, stadiums, and utilities.

We’ll help you find the right Avigilon security cameras, infrastructure, software, and access control. You’ll have access to various monitoring capabilities, including Appearance Search, Smart Notifications, and occupancy counting.

Specific Avigilon cameras that include self-learning video analytics include:

• H4A Camera Line

• H4 Pro (4K–5K)

• H4 Multisensor Camera

• H4 PTZ Camera

• H4 IR PTZ Camera

• H4 Thermal Camera

• H4ES Camera Line

Avigilon also offers. . .

The Avigilon Cloud Services (ACS) platform connects your Avigilon Control Center (ACC) to the cloud, which lets you remotely access your system via a web browser or the ACC mobile app. This gives you centralized access across multiple sites, if you have more than one site. ACS also includes system health monitoring and maintenance services.

Avigilon’s Access Control Manager (ACM) system, which integrates with the ACC, is a physical access control system that lets you grant and limit access to different parts of your facility — controlling access via doors and card readers, taking pictures whenever an access card is swiped. ACM also uses Linux to protect against network vulnerabilities, which makes it safe from outside interference.

Finding the right security solution for your needs is an important decision. Avigilon provides customized security configurations—no matter what industry you’re in.

We are a certified Avigilon dealer, and can provide you with Avigilon tech support, as well as information on their entire video camera line, including models H5A, H5SL, H5M, H4A, H4Sl, H4 Mini, H4 Pro, H4 Multisensor, Fisheye, PTZ, and their thermal cameras for COVID 19 monitoring.

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