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Insyte Security has been partnering with businesses and communities in Central Florida since 2006 to install, service and support all aspects of security including:

  • Alarms & Monitoring
  • New Cameras / Additional Cameras
  • Gated Community Access Control
  • Security Camera Repair / Upgrades
  • Community Entrance Camera
  • License Plate Capture
  • Cameras on a Pole
  • Gate Security Camera
  • Maintenance of all Systems
  • Tech Consultation, Planning and Design


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What You Need to Know About Homeowners Association Security Cameras and Support BEFORE You Get Your First Quote

You want to assemble an affordable system with the proper functionality and ongoing service to keep your neighborhood safe… You may have a lot of questions:


  • How much will this project take out of the home owners association camera fund?
  • Do we need NEW cameras, or can we repair our old ones?
  • Is it better (or cheaper) to update our old, abandoned neighborhood security system?
  • How can we decrease the threat of liability by choosing the correct HOA security camera models and support?
  • Will a license plate recognition system actually help the police solve a crime?

Not to worry… you’re in the right place.


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Insyte security did an amazing job securing our community, from consultation to the quality of the equipment and the professionalism of the installers, highly recommend!

What Your HOA Security Camera System Should Deliver

Whether you choose a brand-new security system or refurbish your old one, it should deliver the following capabilities:

  • The ability for select board members to log in to your cameras and get a live feed or history
  • Keeps a history of all activity at entrances, exits and any other place you put cameras; ensures the proper parties pay for damages—not your HOA!
  • Gives at least a 95% probability of a clear license plate capture
  • Provides a timeline for all vehicles (including clear make and model) driving in and out of your neighborhood
  • “Adds to the story” for police trying to re-construct the incident in question and gives them a head start for reports and investigations
  • Provides prosecutable videos and snapshots

Plan & Design a New HOA Security Camera System

When you request an estimate, we will visit your community, provide a demonstration and give you our best advice on recommended products, camera layout and locations.

In other words, you’ll get a free Community Security Blueprint along with your estimate. Insyte Security is your partner all the way through planning, designing, installing and maintaining your HOA security camera system!

HOA Security Camera Choices

In general, you’ll choose from two types of community security cameras:

1) Video cameras that command a wide overview of your entrance, exit, clubhouse etc. An example of this is your gate security camera.

2) License plate recognition cameras that record video and take snapshots of every car coming in and out of your neighborhood. Very high shutter speeds ensure clear license plate capture from moving vehicles!

Repairing or Upgrading Old Security Camera Systems

Again, we will consult with you onsite and give you our best advice, along with your Community Security Blueprint, absolutly free of charge. We’ll let you know if your existing system can be utilized. Each community is unique; however, we want to ensure you are aware of two factors if you’re considering reviving an existing security system.


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1.) Know the “vintage” of your existing system.  If you home owner association camera system is older than the 2012 to 2014 range, you will probably need to upgrade to new technology.  These were pivotal years for new and more affordable security camera technology.

2.) Pay special attention to your wiring.  After years of reviewing electrical strutures, we have found a lot of shoddy (and dangerous) work.  For example, if the wiring for your enterence fountain – connected to a GFI switch –  is inappropriatly tied into the wiring of your gate security camera and gets tripped, your community enterence camera will also go offline! (True Story.)  We focus on saving your wires and making sure your homeowners accociation camera system is only connected to dedicated 20AMP, 120V circuits.

HOA Community Security Camera Support Services

Insyte Security remains your partner after your home owners association camera system is designed and installed. We are always a phone call away!

We include so many preventative services in our monthly maintenance program that the decision becomes a no-brainer for you—and saves you a ton of time, money and headaches! Keep your HOA security camera system healthy for a predetermined budget every month—no surprises. We (humbly) believe there’s no better HOA security camera support package in Orlando!

HOA Security Camera Internet Remote Access Maintenance

  • Update router
  • Check remote access availability
  • Spectrum/Telco support
  • Modem support
  • Remote technical help for end users
  • End user training included

HOA Security Camera Recorder Monthly Support Services

  • Instant health notifications to signal errors and offline cameras
  • Remote checkups to detect hard disk errors & ensure video quality
  • History in days analyzed and consulted with client
  • Firmware upgrades twice a year
  • Onsite replacement of components and/or entire unit
  • Loaner supplied during any repair
  • Hardware in warranty replaced at no cost
    (Does not include new projects or hardware out of warranty.)

HOA Security Camera Monthly Support Services

  • Instant health notifications to signal errors and offline cameras
  • Remote checkups to detect hard disk errors & ensure video quality
  • Adjust brightness, contrast & wide dynamic range (WDR) to fix glare
  • Firmware upgrades twice a year
  • Onsite replacement of camera included
  • Advanced warranty of camera included
  • Hardware in warranty replaced at no cost
    (Does not include new projects or hardware out of warranty.)

Maintenance for Your HOA Security Camera System

There are numerous physical threats to the uninterrupted function of your community security camera system. Obviously, in the Orlando area, heat is always a concern. Even though each piece of equipment is installed in a weatherproof box, conditions in Central Florida are rough! Besides, a weatherproof box is no match for our legendary power surges. Whether your security system is brand new or rehabilitated, repairs will be needed on an ongoing basis.

Technical threats are not so obvious…

Without warning, your internet or cable company may make changes in its settings or equipment that digitally disturb your community security camera system’s operations.

Training for Your Home Owners Association Camera System

You may not know this, but Onsyte Computer is our sister company! Having long assisted business technology users in Orlando for over 20 years, our team members are well-equipped with both the technical expertise to handle problems in the digital world and the ability to coach your board members on the use of your community entrance camera, license plate recognition and other features you choose.

Our service areas include all of Central Florida: Orlando, Winter Park, Altamonte Springs, Winter Garden, Maitland, Casselberry, Kissimmee, Deltona, Lake Mary, Windermere, and Ocoee. Orlando security systems since 2006. Call us to schedule a free estimate, and view our testimonials here.


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