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For any business—regardless of the industry—strong security is highly recommended. But keeping your business “under lock and key” shouldn’t be taken literally.

Keys are clumsy to use and easily lost. A door access control system, on the other hand, makes granting access quick and seamless. However, many business owners are unsure about where to turn tfor their access management needs.

As a full-service security company, Insyte Security provides ongoing support to Central Florida commercial establishments and government agencies. Regardless of original installation, we support most security equipment manufacturers and can service existing door access control systems.

Whether you’re interested in protecting a small office or need an extensive door access system, we can install a system that eases your fears. We work with industry partners to guarantee that you enjoy years of trouble-free security equipment and service. For a free estimate, contact us now.


Orlando Access Control for Your Peace of Mind

Insyte Security has been offering Central Florida and Orlando door access control for 8 years. Whether you have one door or 50, Insyte Security has the right door access control system for you.

The right entry systems allow authorized people to use key fobs or key cards to unlock the door easily without fumbling with a bulky key ring. And with Insyte, employee turnover isn’t a problem; we can update access credentials quickly and easily.

Did you know that there are city, county and Florida state codes to follow? Licensed technicians will install your door access control systems according to code. We also train you on the entire system’s use and management.

Orlando Access Control
  • Schedule a free estimate
  • Orlando door access control since 2006
  • 1, 2, or more door access systems
  • Easy to operate
  • Training is part of our post-installation checklist
  • We are licensed and follow strict state codes

Insyte Security partners with Honeywell to bring you the latest in a simple online door and user management system, which can expand in the future. With 1, 2, or 4-door expansion add-ons, you can scale the future. The compact size of the metal enclosures make the Honeywell system ideal for small spaces. All Orlando access control systems are installed with at least one battery backup, but in some cases, we install a second.

Key Benefits of Door Access Control by Insyte Security

  • Local Central Florida access control support
  • Easy to install
  • Integrate with video management software
  • Expandable and flexible
  • Less training required
  • Manage from any PC
  • Access reports by door or user name
  • Biometric scanners
  • Quick post-sales support
  • Local Orlando access control training
  • Annual maintenance packages
Orlando Access Control

Your Orlando Access Control: Insyte Security Makes It Easy!

To initiate an on-site free estimate for an Orlando access control project, please call 407-598-0670 or click below and schedule an appointment. An Orlando-based consultant will visit your Central Florida facility and discuss your needs. The representative will return to our engineering team with your requirements and discussion notes. In a few days, we will deliver a detailed design and cost estimate.


When you approve the work, we will schedule the installation at your convenience. Our Orlando access control installation processes have been perfected over years of installations. Post sales, we address your needs promptly and professionally. Software-related issues can be quickly handled via remote access.

As an Orlando-based security provider, we can serve all your security needs including security systems, security cameras, security camera installation, and low-voltage cabling.

Orlando Access Control

Orlando Access Control Installation

Our Orlando access control options include door strikes or magnetic locks at the door. Registered users will use either a keypad, proximity fob, card, smart card, fingerprint door lock (or other biometrics) to gain entrance. The system allows you to integrate your security cameras (most new CCTV & IP cameras).


Our cabling experts will make your Orlando access control installation look flawless, in many cases using your existing data cable network. If you want to send alarm notifications to your alarm security systems, there is an output for that.

Orlando Cabling Services

Orlando Security Systems

Our monitoring station of choice is Rapid Response out of Syracuse, NY for their excellent response times and customer service.

If you're looking for a high quality security camera installer in Orlando, you've come to the right place. Our professional security camera installation company will leave you feeling safe and protected. Call us to setup a free estimate.


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