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Alarm.com is a state-of-the-art security technology provider offering business alarm systems with intelligent intrusion detection, remote view capabilities, fully integrated access control, energy management, and more. They offer a comprehensive suite of tools for easy installation, rapid troubleshooting, and seamless upgrades.

Millions of business owners trust Alarm.com for better business alarm and security solutions, providing remote access, quick access changes, employ tracking, energy management, and history of access to their properties. Alarm.com delivers those solutions through a network of security and business experts. We are proud to be an authorized Alarm.com service provider, working with commercial businesses to secure their properties. Our services are network-centric, meaning that from security system design and hardware like IP cameras to low voltage wiring to video surveillance and monitoring, we can provide comprehensive business alarm solutions to fit your needs.

Business Alarm Systems That Just Work!

We offer several Alarm.com business security solutions, including:

  • Interactive Security
  • Video Surveillance
  • Access Control
  • Energy Management

Business owners are often trying to secure very large buildings using existing cabling and with very little disruption to day-to-day operations. They need a clear, remote view of accident-prone areas, the ability to monitor employees and sensitive areas, and remote access to the system with any device. Most importantly, they want ongoing monitoring with fast response times, and little to no down time.

Who accessed the inventory room after hours? Was that a false alarm or a real one? Did someone remember to turn on the alarm tonight? Security managers can receive real-time notifications, access the system via remote control, and auto-arm the system. You can connect your security system, lights, locks, thermostats, and IP cameras for seamless automation and control.

Best of all, you and your security staff have a remote view of the entire system through Alarm.com’s website and mobile app.

What are Alarm.com’s Best Security Technologies?

Interactive Security

Alarm.com provides 24/7 professional monitoring and emergency response through centralized monitoring stations across the country. The system uses a tamper-resistant cellular connection that is dedicated solely to your building’s security system. It works even if your phone line, broadband connection, or power connection are down. Over time, the AI-based technology system learns your business’ unique activity patterns, and can alert you when there is unusual activity, such as people working after hours, lingering in one place for too long, or unlocking specific doors and accessing restricted areas, especially during non-work hours.


Video Surveillance

Their live video monitoring solution offers HD quality and lowlight performance with IP cameras that give you crystal clear images. You can watch live streaming video on your smartphone or tablet to monitor your properties while you’re working remotely.

The video solution also offers Smart Clips, which provides automatic video clips when someone disarms the security system, unlocks a specific door, or sets off the alarm.

Alarm.com’s Video Analytics monitors your properties’ video streams to distinguish important events from everyday activity. It uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to filter and categorize video alerts to be able to distinguish between people, animals, and vehicles. For example, it can ignore someone who steps onto the property and leaves quickly (such as a delivery person) but can alert you if someone stays too long in the same place.

Furthermore, you can create virtual zones and “tripwires” to alert you when people or vehicles come and go, when they linger, or if someone enters a restricted area. The geo-fencing capabilities can activate or deactivate certain systems as you come and go from your business.

Access Control

Alarm.com’s access control lets you easily grant and deny access to specific areas and zones, all based on a person’s schedule or even level of access. You can create unique lock codes for each user based on seniority and security clearance. You can even set a schedule to control when certain codes can be used.

For example, lower level employees might be restricted from your inventory rooms, and you can restrict everyone’s access to those rooms between 5 PM and 8 AM. You can create and disable codes at any time, so there’s no need to rekey or change locks when you add or remove employees. With a quick change in the computer, you’re all set.

You will receive reminders if certain doors are left open or unlocked and see who just unlocked or locked it. This way, if an employee leaves a door open when they shouldn’t, you can quickly notify someone to fix the problem, or ask security to ensure that everything is alright.

You can also remotely lock or unlock doors right from your app. You can let in an authorized visitor without needing to be present or providing them with a temporary code. Then monitor them with the remote view capability to ensure they’re going where they need to. Remote access control is a beautiful thing!

Energy Management

Alarm.com allows you to connect your HVAC and lighting to your business alarm system as a way to create an even smarter, more responsive system that will help you reduce your overall utility costs.

You can automate lights and temperature settings with automated schedules. Raise and lower the thermostat when the system is armed or even in conjunction with outside temperatures.

And just like the rest of Alarm.com’s business security solutions, the energy management system is fully accessible with remote view through your app or the website.

ALARM.COM Security Hardware Requirements

An Alarm.com system can be installed using existing cabling and existing IP camera and video systems. It can be installed without a lot of extra disruptions to the building’s management. The system just works and doesn’t require a lot of upgrades and changes to keep the system operational.

And because many large buildings are prone to power surges and low-voltage outages, the system is designed to roll with the punches and continue operating during power fluctuations.

The system’s video feed can plug into a dedicated video wall or even be displayed on a distributed video system, available to certain people who need access to the same images.

Other Business Security System Features

Multi-Sensor Learning means your smart building can get smarter. By analyzing real-time data from the security sensors and connected devices, the Alarm.com system can learn your company’s activity patterns and taker smarter actions on your behalf than standalone, passive security systems can.

The Insights Engine can alert you when unusual activity takes place. Did someone unlock a door on the weekend? Is there someone there at 10 PM? The system will alert you via the mobile app so you can quickly monitor the situation via remote access.

Alarm.com’s Geo-Services uses geo-fencing to tell when you (or your staff) are coming or going. It can automatically trigger your system, turn the necessary lights on and off, and even adjust the HVAC system based on your staff’s location and identifying the first people in the building and last ones out.

Finally, you can use Scenes to create macros that adjust multiple devices and systems at once. Tap a button on your mobile app and shut everything down in the evening and turn things back on in the morning. Rather than activating several devices individually, you can activate them all simultaneously with a single tap of your screen.

If you would like more information, or to receive an estimate for business security solutions, please visit our website or call us at (407) 389-1670. We can tell you whether your current business alarm and other security equipment such as IP cameras will work with Alarm.com.

We are a one-stop, single point of contact for low voltage cabling, security hardware, video surveillance design, access control, and monitoring plans. We use Alarm.com ourselves and have partnered with them because their business alarm system offerings are: superior and technologically advanced in comparison to their competitors’, very user-friendly, and contain many more nifty features for the price.

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