COVID 19 has had a dramatic impact on businesses. It’s forced many organizations to re-think their approach as they try to keep their employees safe. During these difficult times, there are many ways that you can make this transition easier. Let’s look at five technologies that your business can use to remain productive, safe and profitable.

1. Microsoft Teams to Ensure Productivity

To keep their employees safe, many employers have decided to transition to a virtual workplace. However, this has presented a range of new challenges. Principally, how do you stay in contact with your employees?

For many business owners, Microsoft Teams might be the ideal answer, encompassing a wide range of functions. This is a perfect example of helpful COVID 19 technology, built to allow teams to communicate and collaborate online. The Microsoft Team’s app contains a range of inbuilt technologies that can provide invaluable support for businesses during the pandemic.

First, MS Teams allows all your team members to chat with each other. You can subdivide your workforce into sections, called teams, or work from a general board where anyone can contribute. Team members can video-chat with each other. Microsoft Teams also has an audio-conferencing feature.

Another benefit of this app is the ability to seamlessly share important documents. As the owner of a business, you’ll be able to decide who can access which document, ensuring that you’ll be able to protect any sensitive information. Microsoft Teams is included with Office 365.

2. Remote Support of COVID 19 Technology Tools

During the COVID 19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to rely on technology even more due to increased telecommuting. As a result, tech support is more important than ever. Ensure that you have a good remote support service. This is a way for you to easily communicate with tech workers. If something goes wrong, they’ll be able to remotely access your system and fix it for you.

You might also want to use this service to help you set up new services. For example, you might want to use them to help your company access Microsoft Teams or transition to a secure video conferencing system. You can also use them to service existing technologies, making sure that they are still working properly. Your office can still be effective while everyone is telecommuting!

Finally, remote support services will be able to help you make sure that you are staying cyber-safe. The number of hacking attacks during COVID 19 has increased, and you want to ensure your business and employees aren’t vulnerable to these kinds of attacks while working remotely.

3. Touchless Access Control to Stop the Spread of COVID 19

It’s also important to think about how your business can reduce the COVID risk for in-office employees. There are many ways you can do this. However, one of the best methods is to implement touchless access control across your business. We know that the virus can survive on commonly touched surfaces. When you touch one of these infected surfaces, then touch your face, you risk becoming infected.

Touchless door access control technologies can help stop this type of transmission. This COVID era technology will ensure that you’ll be able to access buildings and offices without needing to touch anything. For example, facial recognition technology allows you to control who enters which part of the business. In other cases, it might incorporate palm recognition.

There are a few other benefits associated with touchless access control. First, you’ll be able to guide the traffic flow throughout your building. You’ll also be able to make sure that your business is secure. Another benefit is an increase in convenience, as people will be able to navigate through the building faster. These advantages will continue long after the pandemic is over.

4. Protect Employees with Thermal Cameras (COVID Screening)

If you’re running a business, you need to make sure that you will be able to protect your employees from infection. One of the best ways of doing this is by being able to implement COVID screening and identify who might be infected. There are several symptoms, such as a runny nose or fever; however, these can be hard to detect. Instead, you might want to focus on using thermal cameras to screen incoming patrons.

A thermal camera is able to detect anyone who has a high temperature, allowing security to take proper action. This measure can also give workers more peace of mind, making them feel more comfortable about coming into the office during the pandemic.

5. Telecommuting Made Easy with Office 365 Collaboration

If you’re working remotely, your team must be able to collaborate. There are plenty of tools that you can use to do this, but the most convenient will be those associated with Office 365. These programs are commonly used by employees, so they will need minimal training to be able to access the new features.

There are plenty of Office 365 collaboration tools to explore. For example, you might want to investigate Groups. This allows you to group teams of workers, making communicating about a project easier. They will also be able to share an inbox and calendar, to make creating and managing deadlines simple.

Another benefit is the ability to use OneDrive, to put documents into the cloud. You’ll then be able to send a link to team members, who will be able to access and edit them. These changes can be made and recorded in real-time. You’ll also be able to comment and video call with other team members, making it easy to share your ideas and work on projects together.

COVID 19 has forced businesses to re-think their approaches and put new practices in place to take care of employees. However, this doesn’t mean that productivity needs to fall. There are dozens of ways that you can make working remotely easier.

Our experienced team can help you set up these COVID 19 technology tools, or service existing ones. We are familiar with all the tools presented: Microsoft Teams, remote support for telecommuting, touchless access control and thermal camera system design, installation and maintenance. We’ll help you adapt to changing circumstances and remain productive during the pandemic. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate for all your IT service and security system needs.