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Security cameras are an integral part of any security system. Protect your business, property, and community with a high-end security camera system.

All of our cameras offer a crystal clear picture that can be viewed remotely at any time, and the ability to easily pull video clips when needing to reference a specific incident. And all security cameras sold by Insyte Security come with a five-year guarantee.

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High-end, Quality Cameras

It might be tempting to pick up the most affordable security camera system that you can find down at the local big box store, or from the large online retailers.

The packaging promises a security camera system with all the bells and whistles, but the truth is often far worse. That’s why we’ve partnered with the most reputable vendors in the industry, who offer superior video surveillance for all budgets.

Insights From Insyte

When talking about local cameras, 4K is where the price point sweet spot is currently.
We understand that cost is a major concern for most when it comes to choosing a security system. That’s why we have options for all budgets. A security camera system isn’t about having the biggest and most expensive product. It’s about having the right product, or combination of products, that serve your needs.
That’s why at the beginning of the process we visit your property, ask questions, and listen. Only then, based on your feedback and areas of concern, can we determine the best locations to install security cameras. We’ve installed security cameras into several different types of spaces, including retail spaces, offices, small and large warehouses, multi-buildings, subdivision entrances and exits, clubhouses, and outside in yards containing vehicles, equipment, and containers. We have even installed cameras in a horse pasture!

We’re so confident in our products, that we offer a five-year guarantee! If anything goes wrong with your system, we’ll fix it. Even if that means having to replace the entire camera.

Every Business Should Have A Security Camera

What type of businesses should have a security camera? All of them! Security cameras fill many different roles. They can put a business owner or property manager at ease by allowing constant, direct monitoring of what’s happening.

They can act as a deterrent against individuals who would look to cause harm through acts of vandalism or theft. And security cameras can provide a definitive record of the events as they actually happened.

Insights From Insyte

At a minimum, you should look to cover all entrances and exits to your property
Regardless of your specific need, there will be a security camera that is right for you. And camera systems come in all sizes, whether you need 2 cameras or 32 cameras!

Fixed and vari-focal lens cameras for small businesses (bullet, dome, or turret available)

Perimeter security cameras for small and large buildings

Covert hidden cameras for would-be shoplifters and burglars

Wide Dynamic cameras for areas with high dark-to-light contrasts

Pan Tilt & Zoom (PTZ) cameras with a control station and joystick for scanning wider areas

License plate cameras for vehicle gates and entrance gates

Night Vision illuminated infrared-equipped security cameras

Can you review critical areas within your business on video currently? If the answer is no, contact us for a free consultation. We can discuss your options and design a system that will match everything you need.

Our Security Camera Partners

We’ve partnered up with some of the most reputable security camera manufacturers in the industry. Every camera offers a clear picture with Full HD and Ultra HD options available. All of the cameras can be monitored remotely using a smartphone, tablet, or remote computer. And footage can also be pulled remotely.

Take advantage of our special year end savings, available until the end of 2021!

Monthly Security Camera Support

Protect your investment with a monthly security camera support plan. Every month we will remotely log in to the system and check each camera to confirm everything is operating as it should be.

If any issues are discovered that can’t be solved remotely, our technician will travel on-site. This often involves moving some obstruction that is blocking the camera’s sightline. Or there could be damage from a recent storm that must be repaired.

Insights From Insyte

Work with a consultant that knows their optics. Why dig a trench to a location when you can just zoom in on it?

What Clients Are Saying

“I used Insyte Security at my place of business. They did low voltage wiring, cameras and access control as well as IT support work. The project was rather large and it was done in two phases, never had a problem with quality or scheduling of the work performed. They were nothing put professionals through out the entire process.
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Insyte Security supplied us with a quote for IP security cameras for our business. The representative visited our business to hear our concerns and to review the areas of concern for us. The representative reviewed the camera options and designed a system for our business that we could afford. Once the quote was accepted, two Insyte security installers showed up on time and ready to get the job done.

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We are consultants, not sellers. Call us and get useful feedback and suggestions on how an access control system can benefit your business.

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