Dahua Technology USA Water-proof Junction Box – PFA135


• Material: Aluminum
• Junction Box
• Neat & Integrated design

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Compatibility: Dahua Network Cameras (PFA135)
HFW1100, HFW1200, HFW2120, HFW2220B, HFW4120, HFW4220, HFW4221, HFW4421B(-AS), HFW1100, HFW1200, HFW2120, HFW2220, HFW2221D, HFW4120, HFW4220, HFW4221, HFW4421D(-AS), FW181R-VF, HFW1100, HFW1200, HFW2120, HFW2220R-VF, HFW2120, HFW2220R-Z, HFW2221R-Z-IRE6, HFW2100, HFW2200, HFW2300R-Z/VF, HFW2101, HFW2201R-ZS/VFS, HFW2120, HFW2220, HFW2320R-ZS/VFS-IRE6


Additional information

Weight 4.96 oz
Dimensions 3.54 × 1.33 in



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