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How to Choose the Best Orlando HD Security Camera Installation

When you’re having a security system installed, you want it to be done right. Hiring a certified Orlando Security Installer can make all the difference for getting a reliable system that matches your needs. High-Definition cameras provide the clearest pictures for your peace of mind, but there are still some considerations to bear in mind when choosing installation. Here are some tips for choosing the best Orlando HD Security Camera installation.


General Considerations

Not every choice you have to make will specifically revolve around HD cameras. First you need to find a reputable security company. Like many services, it’s best to ask around or read online reviews to get an idea of a company’s customer service, pricing, and quality. And remember, your decision isn’t final until money has changed hands. If they’re awkward to buy from, don’t listen to what you want, or aren’t upfront about their costs, switch to someone else. A bit of wasted time now is better than frustrations in the future.

When you’ve found a company, think about what you want from your cameras before you get in touch with them. It will make the process smoother for both of you. For example, what areas do you want covered? Do you want your cameras hidden or obvious for deterrence? Do you want indoor or outdoor cameras?

Outdoor cameras are a common choice for personal property, but they need to be able to stand up to harsh weather. Anti-vandalism features are highly recommended in certain areas, and long-range night vision is ideal if you worry about night-time break-ins.

Another service that some customers don’t know about, but could benefit from, is remote monitoring. It allows you to view your security footage on your phone using an app for reassurance when away from home. Not every company offers it, so it’s worth checking before you commit to a decision.


HD Camera Concerns

When it comes to HD cameras, they are great for detailed video, but there are various installation concerns to be careful of.

First, you need to think about how you want to connect your camera to the rest of your security system. There are wired and wireless options, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you’re having wiring installed, check that it’s high-quality. A coaxial cable is both strong and will maintain the HD quality when transmitting the signal.

Next up is software – you need something that will keep up with your cameras. Most people want something that loads quickly and is easy to use.

Finally, storage. If you want to be able to look back at what exactly happened in your garden yesterday, you need to store your footage somewhere so you can review it later. With HD cameras, this is particularly important because the detailed footage needs more storage space. You may need large hard drives, or a subscription to a cloud storage provider.

There are many aspects to consider when having HD security cameras installed, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re clear on what you what, and shop around for the best company, peace of mind is only a purchase away.

2017 Buyers Guide for Orlando Commercial Security Systems

Choosing between the commercial security systems is a completely different process from selecting security for your home. Although there is some overlap, the reality is that there are even more considerations that need to be made when it comes to handling the security needs of business.

If a security breach becomes the news of the day, a company faces serious damage to their reputation. Vendors, clients, customers and even competitors can stop taking you seriously. There comes the point where you need to look at exactly what type of security setup you have.

Could your business survive not only a security breach? What about having that breach being made public? In the digital age with social media turning stories viral, there’s too big of a risk.

Thankfully, you can avoid that by embracing business security at a higher level, but this time with an expert. Trying to handle all of the security measures on your own is a recipe for disaster. It makes things difficult on your part because you don’t want just to find yourself being unable to protect all of your inventory and sensitive files truly.

To start the process of hiring a commercial security system company, it’s best to look around your area first. And experience has to be at the top of your list when it comes time to evaluate a company on their own merits. This is what makes hiring a company for security tasks difficult.

A lot of firms claim to have inside and intimate knowledge of the security field. But not every company will be equal in terms of security knowledge. Being able to apply that knowledge to take care of your business interests is incredibly important.

Remember that increasing your security helps you when it comes time to get new coverage from your insurance company. If you can show them that you’ve installed new security measures, they’re more likely to give you a better rate on your premiums.


Commercial Security Cameras


When you need to improve the security of your commercial property, you’ll need to consider commercial security cameras. Guards, dogs, locks, and other measures are common, and they serve their purpose and have their advantages. But obviously cameras work 24 hours per day and can be installed in even the most remote locations of your properly.

Part of having a security system is avoiding crimes and thefts from occurring in the first place. And a good camera can often do that. When someone inside or outside your company knows they’re on film, they’re less likely to target your business for theft or vandalism.

The right cameras in the right locations can make a tremendous difference in the overall security for your business, no matter your industry. Be sure to educate yourself on all your options before selecting a security system for your business. And make sure to contact a local Orlando security expert to help you with planning and any questions.

How to Choose the Best Security System for Your Orlando Small Business

Having the best security system is one of the key aspects that must be given priority for your small business to run smoothly.

But sometimes it is not an easy task to provide sufficient and efficient security. This is simply because you are not always there to ensure that every security measure put in place is implemented.

A good first step to securing your small business is to choose the best small business security system in Central Florida.

Here are some tips on how to choose the best security system for your small business:


1. Conduct A Security Review


A security review is the first step to choosing a professionally installed security system. You can do this yourself or hire the services of an outside expert in installing security camera systems.

When you conduct a security review, you will be in a position to determine the type of security system you need, the equipment required and the weak spots in your building. A review gives you the chance to know the number of security systems required and challenges that are likely to be faced during the installation process.

In case you decide to use a professional security system company located in Orlando, Florida (or throughout Central Florida), you must provide them with some of the basic information. This includes locations of entrances and exits, the physical features of your space, how the employees access your premises, hours of operation and other relevant data.

Providing this information gives your security firm a chance to provide the right equipment and services for maximum security.


2. Review the Installation Services


Next, decide whether you are going with a do-it-yourself security system or hiring a security company to professional install the system.

Either way, it is important to ensure that you understand every step of securing your property because it may compromise the quality of security of your small business. If you miss a step, there is someone out there who will find that weak point.

You should also consider if you need the services of an expert or a security firm to do the job. We recommended choosing a professional security company to do the job and maintain security during the installation process. A professional can also give you updates that may be required as needs and technologies change.


3. Do You Need Video Surveillance?


If your small business has a lot of customer or vendor traffic, you need video surveillance. It is important to have it installed within your premises so as to make the monitoring of movements easier and manageable.

But there are many benefits of having security cameras for your small business. First, you can monitor the valuables that are left unattended for long periods. Second, you will be in a position to monitor people who enter your premises and the critical points on your property. For instance, you can set permissions for entering specific areas of your property.

Finally, you will be in a position to monitor any cash exchanges within your premises and avoid any illegal business.


4. Decide Whether To Have An Access Control System


An access control system can be a critical aspect of your small business security system. If you have several employees, you may need a system where some of them are allowed into restricted areas.

In such a case, it is a good idea to have an access control system. You can give some employees cards with certain codes to use while entering the restricted areas. This makes monitoring of those areas easier because it narrows the number of people going in and out.


5. Is a Wired or a Wireless Security System Better?


You have to decide whether wired or wireless system is the best for your small business. This depends on your future plans. In case you are planning to expand your business and have more offices and stores, you may want to use a wired system because of the bandwidth.

With the wired system, you will also be able to add more devices without affecting the strength of the signal in other routers. This makes the wired system a bit safer and faster.

However, there are some instances where the wireless system is the best. Specifically, if you are going to install the system yourself. Going with a wireless system will be easier for your initial setup and adding features later.

6. Have An Automatic Power Backup


Having a power backup is the most important aspect that makes sure that your security system is keeping your business secure. When there is an outage, that is sometimes when thieves will strike. But an alternative source of power keeps the security camera system from being affected.


Those are some tips to help you choose the best security camera system for your Orlando business. If you implement all the above mentioned aspects, you will have a better chance of keeping your business secure. But as always, if you have any doubt make sure to contact your local Orlando security system professional. They can walk you through what your business needs.

17 Business Security Tips to Keep your Orlando Business Safer in 2017

Whether you are an Orlando retail establishment, commercial office building, or industrial area, you can promote these safety and business security practices in the office environment.

Here are 17 commercial security tips to keep your Orlando business safer in 2017.

  1. Dial 911 immediately if you notice suspicious strangers loitering in or near your place of business. Do not approach them yourself.
  2. Develop written security practices and an emergency management program. Make sure to include evacuation procedures.
  3. Keep the view in your store clean by not filling windows with multiple displays.
  4. Minimize the amount of cash you keep on the premises.
  5. Make frequent pick-ups of money from registers and make regular bank deposits.
  6. Try not to work alone. The presence of more employees may reduce the incidence of an armed robbery.
  7. Install quality locks on doors and windows. This step includes investing in an access control system that allows you to quickly update entry/access restrictions over your mobile phone.
  8. Invest in a monitored alarm system. Alarm systems are the best defense against property crime and knowing you have a system could be enough to deter criminals.
  9. Always use interior and exterior lighting. Lighting may prevent an intruder from concealing his illegal activities. Motion sensor lighting is an inexpensive way to deter crime at your business.
  10. Install video cameras. Besides catching the culprit, you can deter criminal activity by simply placing the video surveillance cameras in plain view.
  11. Review past incidents of crime and violence on the premises on a regular basis as a means of evaluating your security program.
  12. Smart sprays and smoke. These deterrents leave a color or ultraviolet sensitive residue that can’t be removed from the robber or shoplifter.
  13. Provide adequate lighting in all areas of the building, including hallways, basements, and garages.
  14. Advise security personnel to be alert to the presence of suspicious packages or illegally parked or unidentified vehicles. Make sure they bring all security information to management immediately.
  15. Consider installing security film on lower and first floor windows that face public streets and parking areas.
  16. Restrict access to shipping and receiving areas and provide closed-circuit television surveillance.
  17. Make sure your Orlando security system provider is reputable. One of the biggest benefits of having a small business security system professionally installed. They are able to identify high risk areas, where you need cameras, and best practices based on your location.

Bonus business security tip: Don’t only point the cameras out. The National Federation of Independent Business indicates annual losses due to employee theft cost U.S. companies $200 billion annually. And more than 60% of small businesses experience employee theft.

For more information, consult your local Orlando commercial security system company.

7 Key Features of a Commercial Security System in 2017

Threats to businesses in Central Florida are constantly evolving. And it has never been more important for firms to remain vigilant when it comes to the issue of security. Commercial security systems are a large part of your business’ security.

Small and large businesses must come up with security strategies aimed at protecting assets. But increasing security at your business should also include the purpose of safeguarding employees by providing a safe working environment.


Here are 7 Key Features to Include in Your Commercial Security System:


1. Asset tags

Asset tags enable the identification of your valuable equipment through a unique serial number or barcode. Typically, most asset tags look like regular labels that have an adhesive backing.

And most firms that opt to use asset tags that include their company logo on the tag so that it is easy to identify any piece of equipment that goes missing. Asset tags are perfect for businesses that utilize equipment in their daily tasks. They can be used on laptops, phones, lab equipment, and tools. Asset tags are ideal and inexpensive, and they remain on the equipment for its lifetime.


2. Commercial security system

Commercial security systems are customized for organizations and businesses that have more extensive operations compared to what you might need at home. Businesses tend to have an office or sales location, a workforce, and probably more high valued items. And so a sophisticated commercial security system is not only essential, but critical as well.

Commercial systems encompass a variety of standalone or integrated configurations. These systems enable you to have video surveillance access control and remote status. Make sure that your business security installation is being customized for your needs.


3. Alarm monitoring

Orlando alarm monitoring is an efficient and convenient way for business to maintain communication between the security system and the central surveillance station of your security provider.

In the event of an attack on your business, the control panel on your system registers an emergency scenario and signals the central surveillance station. This in turn notifies and sends the appropriate authorities to your business to investigate or handle the issue.


4. Security system installation

A security system is a system of tools that ensure the security of premises or business organization. Security system installation in a new business is one of the first steps that you can take to heighten the level of security.

Studies reveal that companies without security systems installed (when compared to those that have had security system installation and professional monitoring) are up to four times more likely to suffer a security concern.


5. Security monitoring

Security monitoring is different from alarm monitoring. Signals and cameras are monitored so that they can reveal discernible actions that can confirm or deny the capabilities and intentions of possible threats.

Security monitoring is essential for any business because it helps to prevent various instances of crime before they actually occur.


6. Security cameras

Security cameras are like TV systems. However, instead of transmitting programs and shows, they transmit video surveillance of premises. The signals in security cameras are forwarded to a particular monitoring station or to your mobile device.

Most security cameras today are wireless and are able to send real-time feed and images of your business to your phone or computer at home. Security cameras are an ideal way to protect your Orlando business. They supply you with 24/7 access to the inside and outside of your business.

Today, high-end security cameras are laden with features that make it easier than ever to guarantee the safety of your organization.


7. Access control

Access control is a system of security that utilizes electronic technology to control who can gain access to a building or area. Buildings that are secured with access control typically can authenticate, approve and account for the entities that use login credentials. This passwords, biometric scans, PINs, or physical and electronic keycards.

Access control for your system is either physical or logical. When physical control limits accessibility to physical buildings such as campuses and rooms, logical is used. But logical controls limit connections to data, system files and your business’ computer networks.

Access control systems are imperative for the security of any business organization, and should be discussed with your security system company.


The level and type of security systems implemented depend entirely on your business’ needs and preference. As crime goes unabated each day, business security should be a top priority for every company in Orlando.

For more information on commercial security systems and monitoring in Orlando, contact your local security system and installation company.

2017 Best Home Security Tips

It’s a new year and home security is more important than ever. Our 2017 best home security tips in Orlando can help you keep your home (and business) safer. And when it comes to your safety, cutting corners will end up costing you more than what you believe you saved.

From the right home security systems, to little tips and tricks you can do yourself, make sure your home stays safe and secure by trying these seven tips and home security tricks below.

It’s a great feeling to take charge of your own home security and make sure you, your family, and your belongings stay safe.

Put these Orlando home security tips to good use, and you can relax, knowing you’re secure.


1. Always Be ‘Home’


This may be the most widely-known tip when it comes to protecting your home from invasion. But having the appearance that you’re home is a great way to deter burglars from your house.

Typically, when someone wants to break into a home, they want the easiest possible experience. That means they don’t want to deal with people potentially being in the home. Their goal is to get in, and get out as quickly as possible.

Simply leaving a few lights, or a television running while you’re away is a great, quick way to make your house look occupied, and reduce the risk of break ins.

A great way to do this is through automatic timers, that can flip on interior and exterior lights at a certain time of day if you know you’re not going to be home.


2. Install the Best Security Cameras


This may be the most important tip for having the best home security system. Security cameras are not as big and bulky as they used to be, and are actually quite discrete, and easy to use. Insyte Security uses a variety of security cameras in Orlando homes, and they are as user-friendly as cable television.

Cameras can be installed just about anywhere inside or outside of your home, with zoom and tilt options to capture every angle, even in the dark of night. They are a cost-effective way to provide a lot of peace of mind.

Cameras catch would-be burglars in the act so you can call the authorities. But they’ll also give you a clear identity of the perpetrator, so they won’t get away with their potential crime.


3. Keep Your Security System Secure


Professional burglars know all the tricks when it comes to getting past an Orlando home security system, even if you have the best home security system.

This means having all wiring hidden on the exterior of your home. If your security system has cables, cameras, etc., make sure they are out of plain sight. This keeps anyone walking the exterior of your home from seeing them.

Make sure when your security system is being installed, all cables are out of view around your home.


4. Take Your Security With You


If you have a security system installed, make sure you know what’s going on, even if you’re not home. A system that can connect to an app, your computer, or directly to your mobile device is a great way to keep track of what’s going on at home if you’re away.

Most security systems today can send you alerts, updates, etc., and is a great way to have peace of mind, even when everything is secure!


5. Install Deadbolt Locks


Obviously, having secure locks is important when it comes to every door in your home that leads in from the outside. Installing deadbolt locks provides an extra layer of security.

Deadbolts are significantly stronger than typical spring locks, and harder to force open. Make sure to install them correctly so a home invader cannot pry open any space between the lock and the door.


6. Secure Windows & Sliding Glass Doors


It may seem cliche, but if someone wants to break into your home and they can’t find an easy way through the door, they will try going through the window or patio door.

There are several options when it comes to securing your windows. First, be sure to install locks on each window. Lower or more vulnerable windows can be reinforced with special glass. Use two smaller window panes instead of one larger pane, so it can be harder for invaders to climb through.

Typically, if something proves to be difficult, or will take quite a bit of time, they’ll avoid it altogether.

For your patio or sliding glass doors, reinforce locks by using a metal bar along the track that can prevent home invaders from opening the door. Any metal bar will do. And most can be purchased at your local hardware store.


7. Hire the Best Home Security Professional Possible


There are many tips and tricks you can do yourself when it comes to the best home security. If you want to ensure its overall safety in the long run, it’s best to hire a professional service as opposed to trying ‘DIY’ security which can have vulnerabilities.


Safety tips are always important and it’s great to take charge of your own security. But nothing can beat the technology and extra benefits that come from a professionally installed system.

No matter what type of neighborhood you might live in, and no matter how often you’re home, break ins unfortunately happen all over the country. Keep your home and business safe in 2017. 

Christmas Home Security

Security Tips for Home Safety this Christmas

During the holidays, we don’t often want to think about anything ‘bad’ happening. But, it’s so easy to get caught up in fun festivities, that we ignore the safety and security of our Orlando homes, businesses, etc. Thankfully, there are a few useful things you can do to keep your home as secure as possible this holiday season.

When you put these tips into practice, you can sit back, and enjoy the merriment with friends and family, without worrying about amateur burglars, or professional break-ins!


Be Careful With Packages


Now more than ever, people are ordering Christmas presents online, and having them shipped to their home. There are two concerns that come with this type of thing, when it comes to your overall security.

First of all, when a delivery driver leaves a package outside your home (on the front porch, etc.), it’s a prime target for a quick robbery. Burglars don’t even necessarily care what’s in the package as they pick it up. If it’s something they can use or sell later, they’ll be happy.

To lessen the risk of your packages being left out, try to schedule deliveries during times you’ll be home. If that’s not possible, make a special request for drivers to drop off packages at the back of your home.

Even if you’ve had no problems with your packages, be careful when throwing them away or recycling them. If you ordered a television, for example, don’t leave the box displaying what it is out in the open for everyone in the neighborhood to see. If a criminal walks by and knows you have a fancy TV in your home, they could plan a break-in.


Be ‘Present’ at Home


It’s not uncommon to travel throughout the holiday season. If you do, however, make sure not many people know you’re gone! Keep lights on, even on a timer at night, and be careful what you post on social media. If someone knows you’re out of town, it makes it that much easier for them to break in. Make sure your security system is updated and set each time you leave home.


Be ‘Present’ With Your Presents


It’s a beautiful sight to see a Christmas tree from a window. However, keep your gifts/presents hidden from plain view from the outside. This is just as tempting as a fancy, empty box. A pile of presents is a prime target for a break in.

With these simple holiday tips in mind, you can keep your home and your family safe from harm, and safe from tragedy. Enjoy your holiday season, and make sure you’re taking the proper steps to make it a secure one!


Orlando Business Security System

Tips for Selecting a Security System for Your Orlando Business

If you have your own business in Central Florida, keeping it safe and secure should be at the top of your priority list. After all, what’s the point of pouring in your time, money, and resources if you can’t make sure all of it is as secure as possible?

So, most businesses, no matter the size, tend to invest in a quality security system. But, with so many different systems on the market today, it can be tough to choose which one will work best for your business.

Check out these simple security tips to keep in mind when selecting a security system for your Orlando company.


1. Review Features


If you’re considering a security system, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Small businesses simply can’t afford mistakes in security, because everything is an asset. So, it’s not always a bad thing to go with the system that has a lot of ‘bells and whistles.’ Whether you’re installing a system yourself, or going through a security company, be sure to know all about the features and technicalities the system you’re using showcases.


2. Know Your Issues


Is your business dark at night? Try adding a lighting system. Worried about people lurking around? Installing cameras could be the best solution. A security system should reflect your business’ individual needs, first and foremost. Think about what features you could benefit from the most, and go from there before you make a selection.


3. Who Has Control


The beauty of many security systems today is that you can control them off-site. That way, you’ll always know what’s going on at your business, even if you’re not there. Otherwise, some systems can still be manually controlled on-site. Both have different benefits. Again, it just depends on what will benefit your business the most.

The most important thing you can do in selecting a security system is to tailor it specifically to your business’ needs. Talk to an Orlando security company, and work with them to decide which systems will work best to keep your business safe and protected, 24-hours a day.


Top Tips for “Safe Housekeeping” this Holiday Season

October happens to be the National Crime Prevention Month which officially identifies as well as celebrates the prevention of crime, endorsing safe and secure communities. At the same time, this month brings along that night of the year which brings out by the worldly ‘tricksters’ who can pose harm to your home. People tend to get reckless too and at Halloween your home is prone to vandalism.

Especially if you reside in Orlando, people flock here throughout the holidays due to all the fun and festivities it offers. Be it Halloween or any other holiday this season, you have to ensure Orlando home safety. To make that possible it is essential that you have Orlando home security cameras.

Following are some tips to ensure that your home is safe apart from the measures that you have taken for Orlando home security:

Keep the Door Locked

With so many little trick-or-treaters heading up your way though, one might consider keeping the door unlocked so that you don’t have to get up every time. But it is not necessary that only kids will be heading your way. Keep your door locked at all times and when you hear it knock or bell, use discretion while opening the door fi you are not too comfortable by who is at your doorstep.

Even if you are not home, at least no one can break in and of course have an Orlando home security system installed for sure.

Pet Protection

It is wise to keep your pets inside.  Dogs tend to bark at strangers and they might scare little trick-or-treaters that step on your front door. They could break away and chase someone down the street.

Moreover, some people tend to have a sick idea for and enjoy hurting or teasing dogs or cats. Keep your furry companions safe inside your home and away from the front door..

Lots of Light

Though Halloween calls for a spooky ambience with low or no lights, it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep your property well-lit even if you are not home.

Leave the lights on so home looks occupied and before leaving make sure you set Orlando home security system. Do not use candles burning in pumpkins as they pose hazard of fire. Use battery powered lights.

Clear Pathways

Kid do not see where they are going in excitement so to save your kids and the little trick-or treaters from falling down or tripping, make sure the walkways and porch are clear of any toys or debris and lighted.

Set a Timeline

Depending on your community’s curfew and traditions, set a cut-off time to answer the door. Legitimate and safe trick-or-treaters should be off the streets around 8-9. Turn off porch lights for a while but then turn them on before going to bed.

Home Automation System

Wireless sensor integration system enable you to detect any suspicious activity around your premises as well as your window status from anywhere. Also, for Orlando home safety you can control the home security cameras to record activity via a remote on your porch and property.

Stay safe and have a happy holiday season!

Orlando Wireless Home Security

How to Choose the Best Orlando Wireless Home Security System

When it comes to Orlando home security, one of the best ways that you can prepare accordingly is with a Orlando home security system. Here’s some of the top factors in choosing wireless security cameras and Orlando home security systems:

High Quality Wireless Security Cameras


Look for wireless security cameras that are capable of a high resolution, great autofocus, night vision shots and a high frame rate. This will ensure that you can capture more and in a greater level of detail.

Having a better level of detail in your camera system provides more admissible evidence for court cases and for tracking your property.


Expert Orlando Wireless Security Installation


First, it’s worthwhile for you to decide whether you want a DIY security system or professionally installed security system. But working with a company that has a reputation in the greater Orlando area for installing quality security systems will make sure that your system functions as it should.

Expert installers deliver some of the best security solutions on the market. But they may also be able to complete the installation in a more discreet way. This means that the look of your home and décor does not need to be sacrificed for you to enjoy great home security.


Automatic Response Security System


It’s not enough to just scare off an intruder with noise. The best quality security systems today come with monitored home security and automatic response systems. Your wireless home security can alert law enforcement immediately after break in, house fire, or other major events.


Smart Home Monitoring


Your wireless security system should be monitored at all times. Connecting to your home security system via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or even online through your secure login makes it easy to check up on your home.

Some advanced wireless security systems even come with home automation systems. These systems allow you to change thermostats, lock your doors, open your garage and more even if you aren’t home.

Consider some of your needs and some of these qualities when you’re trying to pick the best home security system for your Orlando home.