Ensuring the security of your loved ones and your belongings is a prime concern these days. Burglary and trespassing incidents are rising. In Orlando, home security cameras are a basic need to maintain a tight check on the parameters of your property. You can choose from a variety of options available in the market, one which is the best suit to your requirements.


Types of Security Cameras

Home security camera industry has evolved a great deal during the past decade. The basic type of these cameras are:


Box Cameras

As the name suggests, the main camera body is fixed inside a box structure. It is a good fit for application in almost all environments.


Dome Cameras

The body is like an inverted dome. It can alter its direction according to the movement of the identified subject.


Bullet Cameras

The main body is fixed inside a narrow tube which makes it adjustable in narrow spaces. It can easily go unidentified due to small size.


Wide Dynamic Cameras

Images captured by this type of security cameras are perfectly exposed due to a range of lightening conditions available.


Day and Night Cameras

These cameras have the ability to capture images both in the light during the daytime and in dark at night. The image obtained at night is black and white in shade.


The aspects which you should be looking at while buying Orlando home security cameras are many. The most basic ones are:

Zoom and Clarity

Orlando home security cameras should have a zoom option to help you get a closer look at the picture. Clarity of the zoomed picture is also a priority as it would be easy to recognize the face of burglars in the case of any misfortune.


Tilt Option

There should be a tilt option for the camera lens. It helps you do surveillance at a wider area compared to those whose cameras don’t show any movement.


Security Cameras Should be Small and Remain Discreet

A good Orlando home security camera should be small in size and remain discreet to capture the images without getting anyone’s attention. A bullet camera is the most suitable option as it can be placed in a small space compared to other options available.


Security Cameras That are Safe from Hacking

These days, burglars have highly sophisticated gadgets with which they can hack your security cameras and disrupt their proper working. Cameras which don’t fall easily into hacking should be installed to ensure uninterrupted transmission. This can include electronic tampering or hindering the cameras physically while on site.


Easy Monitoring

Many companies make cameras which are installed with wifi. Buy such cameras because it’ll allow you with an option to manage your security system through your wifi enabled mobile phone even if you away from home.

Whether you choose self monitoring or professional monitoring, security cameras help you ensure the safety of your valuables as well catching a perpetrator in the case of a break-in. When choosing a camera monitoring system, always seek the one which has a maximum number of features. It should be small with a clear vision and not easily hackable.


Consult a Professional

Use a trained security camera installation professional to choose which type of camera is best for your home or business. Security camera installation experts in Orlando can help you setup your cameras so that they cover the largest area with the best detail. Knowing where and how to point your cameras makes all the difference when identifying an intruder and covering the greatest amount of area with each camera.

Even if you decide to try the DIY security camera option, consult with a professional before installing your security system and security cameras.