Restricting access to your commercial property or residential community is critical. For years, fences, gates, walls, and security guards were the best ways to keep people off your property. But technology has improved drastically over the past several years. Now, computerized gates can restrict entry 24 hours a day, while access control systems and tele-entry methods can be used to easily determine who can enter the property and where on the property they can go.

Insyte Security has been installing and servicing gates, access control, and tele-entry methods to the Central Florida and Orlando areas for eight years. Insyte can offer an assessment of your property, whether it’s a large commercial facility or a private residential community, and offer a complete system that is easy to both operate and maintain.


Why You Want Your Gates, Access Control, and Tele-Entry Run By One System

In a lot of communities and HOAs, many of these pieces already exist and are in place. However, instead of working together as one system, each piece was installed and is maintained by separate vendors. This is fine when everything is working as expected, but can quickly become a nightmare as things break down.

Security gate for neighborhood

For example, let’s say residents of a gated community have been complaining that the gate isn’t working properly. The HOA calls the gate company to have a tech come out to make a repair. However, the gate company says their product is working fine and the issue is with the access control software. This can quickly become a back-and-forth with several different vendors pointing the finger at each other, resulting in frustration, confusion, and a lot of wasted time before the problem is actually solved.

That’s why using Insyte Security to install and maintain the entire system is so critical. If an issue arises, Insyte Security gets to work by making any necessary repairs as quickly as possible. Insyte Security is your “one stop shop” for gates, access control, and tele-entry.


Greater Synergy With Insyte

Not only will Insyte simplify the process of getting your system repaired, but your system will be more efficient and work better. This is because Insyte Security is a systems integrator. By using low voltage connectivity, Insyte can create communication between each system and integrate them into one cohesive unit.

The system is made up of several different elements. The gate is the physical barrier, while access control is the lock and key. And tele-entry allows for a decision-maker to determine whether or not entry should be granted. All modern systems are always tied into some type of safety procedure, allowing to either lock down a facility or open it up to allow for emergency vehicles to enter unobstructed.


The gate is the first thing that residents and guests see, and is the physical barrier preventing access to the community or property. Gates come in several different shapes and sizes, from large metal constructs to simple bars that raise or lower for each vehicle.

One common problem customers have is that of people trying to “beat” their gate, usually by squeezing in behind a vehicle that properly opened the gates. This leads to incidents where it’s very easy for the gate itself to be damaged.

One way to help protect against this is to install security cameras to monitor the gate and all the vehicles as they enter and leave the property. Not only will this act as a deterrent against individuals, but in the event that something happens, there is a recording that can be referenced to determine what exactly occurred and who is at fault.

man using keycard to get access to door

Access Control

Access Control allows for the property or building owner to determine who is allowed to have access at any given time. Advances in technology are making it easier than ever to manage this information, even remotely, and also automate more and more of the process. Access Control comes in many forms, with some of the most popular being digital keypads, card readers, and an RF transmitter and receiver combination.


Tele-entry is the act of letting someone, in real-time, determine whether or not to grant access. This commonly has been done through the phone systems, where the gate and access control tapped into the phone lines. More common now is to use Bluetooth and WiFi. The decision-maker can be anywhere in the world and still grant access if desired.


Installation And Ongoing Support

Insyte Security aims to make it easier than ever for communities, HOAs, and large facilities to get the security they need and restrict access to their property. With a simple one-time project cost for installation or repairs and options for ongoing monthly support, there’s never been a better time to speak with Insyte Security about making sure that your gates, access control, and tele-entry systems are optimized.