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Having a fire alarm system that is up to code is critically important. But with local codes constantly being updated, and each jurisdiction having its own set of codes that need to be followed, it can be challenging to know what exactly is needed in order to install a proper fire alarm system. Modern fire alarm systems need to also tie into other systems in the building so that in the event of an emergency anyone inside of a building can get out to safety, first responders can get into the property quickly, and the damage done is minimized as much as possible. Insyte Security has the knowledge and experience to design, install, update, and service fire alarm systems for even the largest facilities.

    • Commercial fire alarm design and installation
    • Update your fire alarm system to meet the newly updated codes
    • Integrate your fire alarm system with access control and other systems
    • Plan and install a life safety system for any building
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Getting Your Fire Alarm System Up To Code

Construction, building, and safety codes change over time. Often, older buildings will be grandfathered in whenever a new code is adopted after their building was constructed. But this isn’t always the case for a fire alarm system. Oftentimes, audits or inspections of a facility will reveal elements of the fire alarm system that fail to meet the new code standards. And even if the system was fine when it was first installed, updates will need to be made to bring it up to code. These updates can be very costly, especially for larger facilities.

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Regular testing of your fire alarm system is critical. We test all systems on an annual or biannual basis.

New and modern fire alarm systems have a lot of requirements to make them run properly. New sounders, the alarms that indicate to people inside the building of a fire, have changed over time. These new sounders produce a lower frequency sound that is more irritating to the human ear, encouraging individuals to exit the building rather than wait around to see if an actual emergency is taking place. The new sounders save lives but often require updates to the power supply system within the building. Insyte Security is uniquely situated to be able to provide updates to the power supply and run cabling throughout the building.

Another major upgrade with modern systems are the monitoring panels. Old panels cannot be accessed remotely via the network, but that is no longer the case. All new panels are network accessible, allowing for remote access to the system. Additionally, all panels link back to a monitoring station that is Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified and monitored 24/7. 

Ultimately, what your system will require depends largely on where the building is located. Each jurisdiction is different, and the codes can even depend on the nature of the building. Facilities with a large density of people could have different requirements than largely empty buildings used for storage. At Insyte Security, we understand all of the local codes throughout Orlando and the Central Florida region. We will look to the local codes and help install a system that will keep the property, and everyone on it, safe.

Life Safety System

Your Fire Alarm system is part of the life safety system located in your building or facility. The life safety system makes sure that in the event of an emergency, all of the systems work together. This means that your fire alarm system must speak with your access control system. It must integrate with sensors in the ducts, the sprinkler systems, and even the elevators. For larger facilities or campuses with multiple buildings, there must even be a connection to substations.

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The type of Life Safety System needed depends on several different factors. We have the knowledge to advise you and install the right system for your needs.

There are two main types of life safety systems: Fail Safe and Fail Secure. With a Fail Safe system, when a fire is detected or the fire alarm is triggered free egress is granted. All of the doors are unlocked, allowing individuals to quickly get to safety outside. The goal of these systems is to make sure as many people are saved as possible, and are commonly found in buildings with a large number of people, like a hospital. A mass notification system can even be included, announcing for people to calmly exit the building, stay with their group, and meet at their predetermined spots outside.

A Fail Secure system is just the opposite. In an emergency, everything gets locked down in a Fail Secure environment. This is commonly used in places where people are usually not allowed, like a vault. While the doors lock in these situations, preventing free egress throughout a facility, it’s important to note that should an individual be inside the facility during the lockdown, there are still ways for them to get outside. This could be through the pressing of a button, using a key fob, or whatever other method is set up to make sure authorized personal are able to move throughout a building.

The experts at Insyte Security are deeply familiar with all areas of your life safety system. Contact us today to see how we can make sure all of your systems are working properly to protect what matters most.

Testing Of Your Fire Alarm System Is Critical

With fire alarm and life safety systems being an integral tool in the safety of those within the building, it’s critical to make sure the system undergoes regular testing and that any issues are addressed quickly. When you choose Insyte Security for your fire alarm needs, our job doesn’t end at the installation. We offer regular service plans as well to keep your system working like brand new. Ongoing testing is key. We suggest either annual or biannual testing of the physical system, to allow for the recertification of the alarm. These tests of the system are also a great time to incorporate a fire drill for the individuals inside of the building.

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“I used Insyte Security at my place of business. They did low voltage wiring, cameras and access control as well as IT support work. The project was rather large and it was done in two phases, never had a problem with quality or scheduling of the work performed. They were nothing put professionals through out the entire process.
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Insyte Security supplied us with a quote for IP security cameras for our business. The representative visited our business to hear our concerns and to review the areas of concern for us. The representative reviewed the camera options and designed a system for our business that we could afford. Once the quote was accepted, two Insyte security installers showed up on time and ready to get the job done.

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Whether you are building new construction or renovating an existing facility, choose Insyte Security for your fire alarm design, fire alarm installation, and fire alarm servicing. Insyte Security has years of experience working throughout Central Florida and has the knowledge and experience needed to make sure your fire alarm system is done properly to keep the people and your property safe in the event of an emergency. Insyte Security is also an expert in all areas of your security systems, from access control, to security cameras and gate access. We also can work with cabling and are a low voltage contractor. Contact us today so we can begin discussing your project.

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Knowledge of your local codes is critical. We work throughout the Central Florida region and know what is needed to bring your system up to code.

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