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With over 2500 patents, Dahua Cameras by Dahua Technology has been a leader in security camera innovations for over 20 years. It was founded on a mission to improve technology offerings to the security industry. The company’s goal is help businesses grow in an environment of constant technology transformation.

Dahua Technology USA is the company’s North American office and assists customers across the US and Canada. Its team of experienced security industry professionals helps customers navigate their distinct regional needs with product recommendations, installation advice, troubleshooting and more.

ADVANCED ANALYTICS+ for Video Surveillance

Dahua Technology USA offers three levels of analytics to take any surveillance camera beyond the basics. Analytics add levels of insight and reporting that saves time for end users. Dahua offers a broad range of analytics to fit any security camera installation situation including: Premium Intelligent Video Systems (IVS) for basic data, Advanced IVS for mid-level analysis, and Analytics+ with two layers of alarm filtration for advanced applications. Some highlights of Dahua’s Analytics+ technology are:

  • Perimeter Protection

    Dahua’s Analytics+ technology allow you to monitor a defined area or line for tripwire or intrusion violations. Tripwire alarms are able to distinguish between humans and vehicles, allowing specific monitoring criteria to be set up. False alarms that would normally be caused due to animals, weather, trees or light are reduced. This advanced technology helps increase efficiency for video surveillance.

  • People Counting

    Uses complex real-time people counting algorithms to deliver accurate flow statistics from two distinct people counting functions: Line Crossing and Regional. The line crossing function counts the number of people crossing a defined line. The regional function counts the number of people in a distinct, user-defined area. People counting is ideal for measuring the number of customers entering or exiting a location and to monitor groups of people in a distinct location.

  • Face Recognition

    This video surveillance technology uses deep learning algorithms to create positive IDs of individuals. Once face recognition technology identifies a human face and captures the image, the image is transformed into a vector object (also called face signature), based on image landmarks.

Dahua’s Analytics+ also offers advanced technologies that detect fast-moving objects, parked vehicles, crowd gathering and the loitering of any object.

SECURITY CAMERAS with Starlight & Night Color See in the Dark

Dahua Technology USA offers four levels of technology to cover all low-light situations: Basic Starlight, Enhanced Starlight, Starlight+, and Night Color. This makes it easier to choose the best security camera for your specific low-light needs and budget.

Dahua Technology Starlight

Dahua’s Starlight technology uses optical, sensor and image processing technologies to provide clear images in dark environments. Any Dahua security camera with an IR cut filter is designed to switch to night mode when the camera senses that insufficient light is available to generate good color images. When night mode is triggered, the IR cut filter disengages, allowing infrared as well as visible light to reach the image sensor. Additionally, the camera electronically suppresses any color information providing clear monochrome images down to a certain light level. Many cameras include built-in IR illuminators to further light up the scene, reducing noise.

Dahua Technology Night Color

Security cameras that incorporate Night Color technology use a high-performance sensor and ISP and an achromatic large aperture lens to produce crisp color images in low-light environments. An achromatic lens is a combination of concave and convex pieces of glass that focuses the different color wavelengths of light into a single plane. This eliminates color irregularities and is the most cost-efficient means for multi-color imaging. Unlike Starlight technology, Night Color technology does not utilize an IR cut filter. This results in an image that remains in color 24/7 without switching to black and white. Night Color cameras are recommended when full-color images are required in very low ambient light environments.

HDVCI Technology Night Color

Dahua’s Night ColorCamera Series offers a back-illuminated, CMOS structure for optimal sensivity in low-light scenes.


The Dahua Thermal Network Bullet camera combines an uncooled VOx Microbolometer sensor with an athermalized lens to produce high contrast thermal images. Dahua thermal security cameras also extend transmission range with Dahua’s exclusive ePoE technology (CAT5e / 6 or Coax). Here are some advantages of Dahua’s thermal video surveillance systems:

  • fire detection and alarm features identify and warn of an abnormal rise in temperature
  • captures clear images of people and/or animals behind foliage and in total darkness
  • delivers usable images in fog, rain and snow (all weather types) and at all hours
  • sees through obscurants (smoke, dust, haze) and beyond glaring, bright lights
  • offers covert video surveillance without the need for external light

TOP ePoE Security Cameras

Dahua’s patented Enhanced Power Over Ethernet (ePoE) product line offers cameras, switches and NVRs which can be used as standalone PoE ONVIF devices, or as a combined solution. Perfect for increased distances over UTP without repeaters or as part of a solution to convert existing coax (RG59) into a pure IP infrastructure via Dahua’s EoC passive media converters and ePoE devices.

ePoE from Dahua is the industry’s most flexible line of devices and offers the following key benefits:

Eco-Friendly ePoE Technology

ePoE surveillance solutions from Dahua Technology USA help conserve energy to reduce your carbon footprint. Using only one Ethernet cable to span 800 m (2624 ft) without the need for extra switches saves about 182.5 kWh per year.

Economic ePoE Technology

Dahua’s ePoE video surveillance technology immediately saves money by reducing the number of devices required to connect front and back ends. ePoE security systems require fewer devices, use less expensive Ethernet cabling (compared to fiber) and allow the use of existing infrastructure, saving installation cost and time.

ePoE Over Extended Distances

Uses advanced modulation to transmit video, data and power up to 800 m (2624 ft) at 10 Mbps via a single CAT5E cable between an IP camera and a PoE switch or NVR.

Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Technology

Delivers a simple and cost-effective solution with plug-and-play installation that reduces the costs of upgrading from analog to IP cameras. Easy-to-use converters allow the transmission of video, data and power over existing coaxial cabling between an IP camera and a PoE Switch or NVR.


If you’re looking to upgrade your current video surveillance system and reduce the total cost of ownership, Dahua offers HDCVI technology that allows you to flex and leverage your existing infrastructure, even competing analog technologies! Dahua security cameras feature a convenient multi-format video output cable on the camera’s pigtail to make switching between AHD, TVI, and CVBS as well as existing HDCVI systems easy and affordable. Perfect for small- to medium-sized systems with 4 to 32 cameras.

Some benefits of HDCVI from Dahua Technology USA:

  • 4K ultra-high-resolution security cameras capture finely detailed video with the ability to digitally zoom and maintain details at further distances.
  • Compatible 4K Penta-brid DVRs record 8 MP resolution at up to 15 fps on each HDCVI channel. The DVR is compatible with any existing video surveillance system and seamlessly records video from HDCVI, AHD, TVI, CVBS and IP sources simultaneously.
  • Real-time, long-distance transmission without loss of video quality. HDCVI devices provide the same resolution as most IP camera networks using existing RG-59, RG-6 or CAT 6 UTP cabling.
  • HD over Coax installations sans internet connection offer the highest level of cybersecurity.



True WDR (120 dB) optimizes both bright and dark areas at the same time to provide vivid video in both bright- and low-light conditions.

LONG DISTANCE Video Surveillance Transmission

HDCVI technology simultaneously transmits video, audio and data over a single coaxial cable. Dual-way data transmission allows the HDCVI security camera to communicate with an HCVR to send control signals or to trigger alarms.

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