As a certified dealer, we’ve installed Avigilon cameras for years. Avigilon designs, manufactures and markets megapixel cameras, video surveillance software and security system equipment. Owned by US-based Motorola since 2018, the company brings a huge amount of technical expertise to the security industry.

Originally, Avigilon was most known for its high-resolution cameras (they still are) but the company has increasingly focused on video analytics. Today, as an industry leader in high definition video technology, their video security, management software, access control solutions and cloud services are integrated and powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Avigilon’s portfolio of video security systems and access control management systems are designed to empower security teams with high-performance technologies that are purpose-built and easy-to-use.

Avigilon Cameras Support COVID 19 Response Efforts

Avigilon cameras and analytics are designed to help enterprises and employees return safely to the workplace, ensuring the health and safety of staff and customers. Their AI-powered solutions focus on the key elements of safety and security particular to the COVID 19 pandemic. They are addressing the critical gaps in the availability of technologies needed as a response to the COVID 19 outbreak.

Their innovations and solutions include video analytics for:

  • occupancy counting
  • face mask detection
  • social distancing
  • thermal cameras
  • body-worn cameras for front-line worker
  • contact tracing with access control
  • contact tracing in higher education
  • mobile patient alert and communications

Through the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) video management software, security personnel can be notified if guidelines are not observed and can quickly make informed decisions to address the situation. The new Identity Correlation Report helps employers better understand where an individual has been within the workplace and along with Appearance Search Technology and Identity Search can assist with contact tracing on the premises.

Avigilon’s Newest Technologies

Avigilon’s newest technologies are ushering in a new era and are reinventing video surveillance, defining the future of protection through innovative, end-to-end and customized security. These efforts are making cities safer and helping communities and businesses thrive across many industries, in more than 120 countries worldwide. The latest, patented innovations include:

• Avigilon Control Center 7 Software:

ACC software now with AI-powered facial recognition technology.

• Next-Generation Video Analytics:

Offers more reliable and responsive detection of up to 50 objects in the scene.

• Avigilon Appearance Search Technology:

Enables finding a vehicle or person by selecting certain specific physical descriptions, including vehicle type and color and a person’s clothing color, gender and age.

• Access Control Manager System:

Seamlessly integrates across an entire video security system to help detect, verify and act on events.

• Identity Search Feature:

Enables a rapid search for a person of interest using access credentials.

• H5A Camera Line:

Built with the most advanced video analytics yet.

• H4 Thermal VGA Cameral Line:

Combines self-learning video analytics with thermal camera technology to provide long-range perimeter protection, even under challenging conditions.

Avigilon’s Impressive Product Range

Avigilon’s cameras and sensors not only provide a high level of image detail but are also designed with the intelligence to help you make sense of the images you’re seeing and to take appropriate action with confidence and reliability.

Some of their best products include the

 Avigilon H4 Camera Line:

• H4A Dome

– embedded with AI Appliance (ACC software, video analytics and appearance search technologies)

• H4 Video Intercom

– visitor management – remotely identify, communicate and authorize access

• H4SL

– the easiest to install of all the cameras with patented bandwidth-saving technology (HDSM SmartCodec technology) and Unusual Motion Detection (UMD) technology

• H4A Bullet

– with unique adaptive infrared (IR) technology


– control meets infrared performance

• H4 Multisensor

– (below) multisensory panoramic cameras incorporate multiple image sensors, 360-degree coverage and self-learning video analytics

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) Appliance

– camera systems evolve into powerful AI solutions when connected to ACC software

• vigilon Blue

– cloud service platform for remote security and surveillance, purpose-built for Avigilon Partners

• Third Generation High Definition Video Appliance (HDVA)

– re-designed and re-engineered to deliver high performance, reliability and serviceability.

We are a certified Avigilon dealer, and can provide you with Avigilon tech support, as well as information on their entire video camera line, including models H5A, H5SL, H5M, H4A, H4Sl, H4 Mini, H4 Pro, H4 Multisensor, Fisheye, PTZ and their thermal cameras for COVID 19 monitoring. We also support their video infrastructure, AI and video analytics, video management software and access control. We design video surveillance systems to fit the needs of your business, install them and provide monitoring services.