How to Choose the Best Business Security System Company in Orlando

How to Choose the Best Business Security System Company in Orlando

When it comes to overall security for your business, there really shouldn’t ever be compromise. You want to find the best Orlando business security system that can help you with Orlando access control, security cameras, and Orlando security system installation.

Unfortunately, security is one of those things we tend not to think about unless something actually happens – and more often than not, by that time it’s too late.

So, while having great security is important, being able to choose the best Orlando business security system company should really be a top priority in order to keep you and your possessions safe.


Where To Get Started


One of your best resources in finding the best business security to fit your needs is the Internet. A quick local search for security services in your area will likely bring up several great options for you to choose from.

It’s a good idea to rule out any company that doesn’t have an active web presence: They may not necessarily be ‘bad,’ but take into consideration the companies who take the time to grow their business, interact with their customers, and make sure everything is clearly laid out as to what they do on their website, social media, etc.


Word Of Mouth


Once you’ve narrowed your selections down based on the company’s own information, try getting a feel for what other people are saying. There could be an Orlando business security system installer who has a wonderful website, but they just don’t do the best work, or the kind of work you’re really looking for.

Another search of individual companies you’re thinking about can lead you to many different security system review sites, where people won’t be afraid to offer their honest opinions on the security company and its services.

Listen to what other people have to say based on what they’ve experienced with that security system company, and especially pay close attention to reviews where someone may have experienced a similar situation to your own before making the call to get a security system installed.

The more relatable you can get to someone who either has a positive or negative review, the better idea you’ll have of whether or not that company will be the right fit for you.


Choosing the best business security system company in Orlando doesn’t have to be intimidating, or stressful with the right research and a little bit of patience. Don’t risk the safety of your business, without a solid, quality security system. Keep yourself, your family, and your possessions safe and secure, with a top-quality Orlando security company you can trust in your area.

DIY Alarm Monitoring vs. Orlando Professional Alarm Monitoring

DIY Alarm Monitoring vs. Orlando Professional Alarm Monitoring

Many of the things that used to be done only by the experts are already available in DIY systems.

So most of the time we stumble upon making a decision of how to get things done – should you hire a professional or just do it yourself?

As a whole, DIY security may be cost-effective but professional services are more convenient. There are obviously pros and cons in whichever methods you choose from.

Choosing between a DIY alarm monitoring or professional alarm monitoring is no different in this scenario. It can be a tough decision to make.


What is DIY Alarm Monitoring?

A DIY Alarm system is a security system in which the installation is done by the customers themselves. There are several types of DIY alarms. There are professionally monitored ones and others are self monitored.

The Pros:

  1. No Installation Fees.
  2. The installation is done at your own time. There is no need to setup a weekend appointment for the installer. You can do it at night or early morning – you own your schedule.
  3. Most DIY alarms are available at more affordable prices
  4. Allows you to setup the system your way
  5. They are usually wireless and portable. So they are easy to uninstall when you need to move to a new location

The Cons:

  1. After purchasing the DIY system, you are already on your own. You do everything from reading the manual to working your way up to completing the installation. You are also responsible for repairs.
  2. While DIY systems are easy to install, most of them only provides the basic service and do not give adequate system to protect your home
  3. You will run the risk of doing the installation incorrectly


What is Professional Alarm Monitoring?

Professional Alarm Systems are security systems installed by professionals. Professional security systems like Insyte Security Orlando alarm monitoring tend to provide higher levels of security and reliability as well as meet strict requirements of home insurance companies.

The Pros:

  1. No installation work hassle. You can just sit back and relax and let professionals do the installation for you.
  2. You will have the peace of mind, knowing the system is installed by professionals
  3. Should a trouble happen with the alarm, professional assistance will be readily available for repairs. Professional monitoring companies like Orlando security monitoring have support available anytime should anything go wrong.


The Cons:

  1. They are subject to installation fees and maintenance contracts
  2. You need to free up your schedule for the installation. Professional monitoring system requires you to setup an appointment for the technician visit.


Choosing the right monitoring system largely depends on you.

You can opt for convenience whilst spending more or choose to do things your own and save money upfront. If you are a handy person DIY systems may work best for you.

Professional systems are more advanced though so you’ll sleep through the night knowing your security system is maintained by the experts. Both systems have their own advantages and drawbacks but choosing the one which provides better security and peace of mind may not be a bad idea at all.




How to Choose the Best Orlando HD Security Camera Installation

How to Choose the Best Orlando HD Security Camera Installation

When you’re having a security system installed, you want it to be done right. Hiring a certified Orlando Security Installer can make all the difference for getting a reliable system that matches your needs.

High-Definition cameras provide the clearest pictures for your peace of mind, but there are still some considerations to bear in mind when choosing installation.

Here are some tips for choosing the best Orlando HD Security Camera installation.

General HD Camera Considerations

Not every choice you have to make will specifically revolve around HD cameras. First you need to find a reputable company. Like many services, it’s best to ask around or read online reviews to get an idea of a company’s customer service, pricing, and quality. And remember, your decision isn’t final until money has changed hands. If they’re awkward to buy from, don’t listen to what you want, or aren’t upfront about their costs, switch to someone else. A bit of wasted time now is better than frustrations in the future.

When you’ve found a company, think about what you want from your cameras before you get in touch with them. It will make the process smoother for both of you. For example, what areas do you want covered? Do you want your cameras hidden or obvious for deterrence? Do you want indoor or outdoor cameras? Outdoor cameras are a common choice for personal property, but they need to be able to stand up to harsh weather. Anti-vandalism features are highly recommended in certain areas, and long-range night vision is ideal if you worry about night-time break-ins.

Another service that some customers don’t know about, but could benefit from, is remote monitoring. It allows you to view your security footage on your phone using an app for reassurance when away from home. Not every company offers it, so it’s worth checking before you commit to a decision.


HD Camera Questions

When it comes to HD cameras, they are great for detailed video, but there are various installation concerns to be careful of.

First, you need to think about how you want to connect your camera to the rest of your security system. There are wired and wireless options, and each has its own advantages and drawbacks. If you’re having wiring installed, check that it’s high-quality. A coaxial cable is both strong and will maintain the HD quality when transmitting the signal.

Next up is software – you need something that will keep up with your cameras. Most people want something that loads quickly and is easy to use.

Finally, storage. If you want to be able to look back at what exactly happened in your garden yesterday, you need to store your footage somewhere so you can review it later. With HD cameras, this is particularly important because the detailed footage needs more storage space. You may need large hard drives, or a subscription to a cloud storage provider.


There are many aspects to consider when having HD security cameras installed, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. If you’re clear on what you what, and shop around for the best company, peace of mind is only a purchase away.

7 Key Features of a Commercial Security System in 2017

7 Key Features of a Commercial Security System in 2017

Determining the best commercial security system for your Orlando business can be a daunting task. With threats to businesses constantly evolving, it has never been more imperative for firms to remain vigilant concerning the issue of security.

An attack on your firm can mean a loss of productivity, and in some cases, it may cause a brand to lose its credibility.

All businesses, whether large or small, must come up with strategies aimed at implementing security measures, with the purpose of safeguarding employees by providing a safe working environment. The level and type of safety measures implemented depend entirely on the organization’s needs and preference. As crime goes unabated each day, business security should be a top priority for every organization.


Here are key features of an Orlando commercial security system:


Asset tags

Asset tags enable the identification of your valuable equipment through a unique serial number or barcode. Typically, most asset tags look like regular labels that have an adhesive backing.

Most firms that opt to use asset tags include their company logo on the tag so that it is easy to identify any piece of equipment that goes missing. Asset tags are perfect for businesses that utilize equipment in their daily tasks.

Assets tags can be used on laptops, phones, lab equipment, and tools. Asset tags are ideal and inexpensive. They remain on the asset itself for its lifetime.


Commercial Security System

Commercial security systems are created for organizations and businesses that have more extensive operations compared to small and medium enterprises.

Larger business organizations tend to have a large office or location, a larger workforce, and probably more high valued items. In such a case, a sophisticated commercial security system is not only essential but critical as well.

Commercial systems encompass a variety of standalone or integrated configurations that enable video surveillance access control, remote status control and in some cases, energy management of the HVAC units in that business.


Alarm Monitoring

Orlando alarm monitoring is an efficient and convenient way of maintaining quick and comprehensive communication between a security system and the central surveillance station of your security provider.

In the event of an attack on your business, the control panel on your commercial security system registers an emergency scenario and signals the central surveillance station, which notifies and sends the appropriate authorities to your business to investigate or handle the crisis.

A control panel is the heart of the operation as it is embedded with a multitude of sensors that vary from provider to provider that can detect motion, tampering of the telephone box, and smoke.


Security System Installation

A security system is a system of interworking mechanisms and tools that ensure the security of premises or business organization. Security system installation in a new business is one of the first steps that people take to heighten the level of security.

The systems work by securing the most important entry points through a system of sensors that communicate emergencies to the command center via the control panel.

Studies reveal that firms without security systems installed, when compared to those that have had security system installation and professional monitoring, are up to four times more likely to suffer a security concern.


Security Monitoring

Security monitoring is the process of gathering and analyzing the escalation of emergency warnings and signals to detect and respond to brake-ins or crime.

The signals are monitored so that they can reveal discernible actions that can confirm or deny the capabilities and intentions of possible threats. Security monitoring is essential for any business because it helps to prevent various instances of crime before they actually occur.


Security Cameras

Security cameras are like TV systems; however, instead of transmitting programs and shows, they transmit video surveillance of premises.

The signals in security cameras are forwarded to a particular station instead of transmitting them publicly like in broadcast television. Most security cameras today are wireless and are able to send real-time feed and images of your business to your phone or computer at home.

Security cameras are an ideal way to protect your business because they supply you with 24/7 access to the inside and outside of your business. Today, high-end security cameras are laden with features that make it easier than ever to guarantee the safety of your organization.


Access Control

Access control is a system of commercial security that utilizes electronic technology to control who can gain access to a building or area.

Buildings that are secured with access control mechanisms typically can authenticate, approve and account for the entities that use login credentials that include passwords, biometric scans, PINs, or physical and electronic keycards.

Access control mechanisms are either physical or logical where physical control limits accessibility to physical buildings such as campuses and rooms. On the other hand, logical controls limit connections to data, system files and your business’ computer networks.

In this modern business atmosphere, access control systems are imperative for the security of any business organization.

Tips for Selecting a Security System for Your Orlando Business

Tips for Selecting a Security System for Your Orlando Business

If you have your own business in Central Florida, keeping it safe and secure should be at the top of your priority list. After all, what’s the point of pouring in your time, money, and resources if you can’t make sure all of it is as secure as possible?

So, most businesses, no matter the size, tend to invest in a quality security system. But, with so many different systems on the market today, it can be tough to choose which one will work best for your business.

Check out these simple security tips to keep in mind when selecting a security system for your Orlando company.


1. Review Features


If you’re considering a security system, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Small businesses simply can’t afford mistakes in security, because everything is an asset. So, it’s not always a bad thing to go with the system that has a lot of ‘bells and whistles.’ Whether you’re installing a system yourself, or going through a security company, be sure to know all about the features and technicalities the system you’re using showcases.


2. Know Your Issues


Is your business dark at night? Try adding a lighting system. Worried about people lurking around? Installing cameras could be the best solution. A security system should reflect your business’ individual needs, first and foremost. Think about what features you could benefit from the most, and go from there before you make a selection.


3. Who Has Control


The beauty of many security systems today is that you can control them off-site. That way, you’ll always know what’s going on at your business, even if you’re not there. Otherwise, some systems can still be manually controlled on-site. Both have different benefits. Again, it just depends on what will benefit your business the most.

The most important thing you can do in selecting a security system is to tailor it specifically to your business’ needs. Talk to an Orlando security company, and work with them to decide which systems will work best to keep your business safe and protected, 24-hours a day.