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Easily control who has access to various areas of your business, open and lock doors remotely, and keep a record of who has entered a room.
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Access Control For Your Peace Of Mind

An electronic access control system is the easiest and most effective way to manage someone’s ability to enter or move through otherwise restricted areas.

With an access control system installed by Insyte Security you can control users’ access to various areas of your business while also gaining the ability to keep detailed records, open and lock doors remotely, backup all of your settings, and more.

Insyte Security has been offering access control for Orlando and throughout Central Florida since 2006. Our licensed technicians will install your door access control systems according to all city, county, and Florida state codes. And once installed, we also will train you on the entire system’s use and management.

Our systems are easy to operate
Training is included with all installations
We are licensed and follow strict state codes
We can install for a single door, or hundreds

Insights From Insyte

If you have a choice between a magnet lock or door strike, always choose the door strike. Magnet related access control requires permitting, and must be connected to the fire alarm panel.

All of our access control options include door strikes or magnetic locks at the door.

Registered users will use either a keypad, proximity fob, card, smart card, or biometrics (like a fingerprint) to gain entrance.

The system even allows you to integrate your security cameras, including most new CCTV and IP cameras.

Our Access Control Manufacturers

There are several different quality security access control manufacturers. We work with the best local distribution partners and guarantee the products we sell for three years.

Take advantage of our special year end savings, available until the end of 2021!

Businesses Who Benefit From An Access Control System

Most businesses today could benefit from using a new access control system. The systems are easy to use, and offer greater control than a traditional lock and key system would. With an access control system you can limit users to specific doors throughout your facility, and even control the days of the week or time of day that they have access.

Adding or removing users is easy to do, and remote access to the system means many issues can be fixed in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than waiting days for a tech to appear for a service call.

Businesses that need to restrict access to certain areas for safety reasons, like a manufacturing company or distribution center, can use an access control system to make sure only qualified employees may enter. This is especially useful for anywhere that has warehouses and offices mixed together. Many large and medium sized businesses also use the access control system to help ensure that only authorized individuals may enter the building. This can allow for employees to utilize side and rear entrances to the building, saving the main entrance for guests who need to check in with security when they first enter.
Multi-family residences like apartment complexes and condos also often utilize an access control system. When strategically placed, the systems can limit use of facilities like the gym or pool to residents only.

Access control systems are perfect for any location where certain buildings, locations, or facilities are off-limits to the general public and only a select few should be using.

Support During Installation, And After

Our Orlando access control options include door strikes or magnetic locks at the door. Registered users will use either a keypad, proximity fob, card, smart card, fingerprint door lock (or other biometrics) to gain entrance. The system allows you to integrate your security cameras (most new CCTV & IP cameras).

Our cabling experts will make your Orlando access control installation look flawless, in many cases using your existing data cable network. If you want to send alarm notifications to your alarm security systems, there is an output for that.

After the installation, an ongoing support plan is available. Access control systems are often very stable, but when issues arise they need to be addressed right away.

Our ability to gain remote access to the systems means we can often help troubleshoot any issues in a matter of minutes or hours.

We also regularly back-up the system, and perform maintenance upgrades whenever possible.

And as users need to be added or removed, we are available to make sure those changes happen in a timely manner.

Insights From Insyte

Make sure to back up your settings and users frequently. A good rule of thumb is to do a back up anytime you change the system or update the users.

What Clients Are Saying

Great service and professional installers! Hiring Insyte was such a great experience. We have had so many bad providers in the past and Insyte just did a superior job from start to finish. I highly recommend their services.
Very professional from the first contact to the installers arrival and their quality work. I could not be happier!
Excellent service from all at Insyte; Atu and Beth. All very friendly and helpful explaining everything in its simplistic terms as I have no IT skills, very patient. I would recommend them 100% with confidence.

Trusted Throughout Central Florida

Since 2006, Insyte Security has been trusted by businesses large and small throughout the Central Florida area including Orange, Seminole, and Volusia counties.



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