It is finally that time of the year we have all (or some of us) have been waiting for… Summer! The time when we unwind, and can finally have a timeout with friends and family.

Don’t let the excitement for a vacation let you ignore the importance of keeping your Orlando home secure while you are away.

Keep in mind that returning home after a memorable vacation only to find a broken window or missing items is a devastating feeling. Moreover, without fully securing your house, you don’t may not be able to enjoy the vacation completely.

Somewhere at the back of your mind you have this constant worrying thought about your home’s security. It’s time you prepare beforehand so that you can relax later.

In this case it really is better to be safe than sorry.

This summer, enjoy your vacation to the fullest by making use of our easy, inexpensive and reliable safety tips before going on vacation.

These 9 Orlando home security tips provide how to secure your house while on vacation.


1. Lock the Doors and Windows

As easy and basic as it sounds, you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget to do this simple security tip and the alarming number of theft caused by this very negligence.

Also make sure that the glass of the windows if of high quality and not easily breakable. Similarly, have a strong entrance door too.


2. Get Help From a Neighbor or a Friend

A kind and trustworthy neighbor is someone we all would hope for. Ask your neighbors to keep a check on your house. If you can’t ask a neighbor to do so, ask a close friend.

It will certainly give you a peace of mind while you are on vacation and you should bring a gift or two for such kind people when you come back home.


3. Secure Curtains and Lights

The old school method of turning off all the lights and shutting down all the curtains might not come handy in today’s world. Leaving your home in that state makes it obvious to the watchers that the home is empty.

Another tip, on how to secure your home while on vacation, is to create an illusion of someone’s presence at home. Therefore, purchase a light switch timer that can turn your lights on and off automatically at different times.

You can also link your light system and security system with mobile apps that let you switch the lights on and off at various times. These Orlando security measures will not give a hint of an empty home.

As for the curtains, you don’t want to keep them all open because someone could easily peek inside your house. Similarly, by keeping all of them shut prevents your friends and police from keeping an eye inside the house. So keep them in the usual routine positions.

Also, keep valuable items out of plain sight such that they cannot be viewed directly from peeking inside the windows.


4. Have a Security System with Cameras

reliable home security system in Orlando is important. And make sure to take your security system with you if you don’t have a security monitoring company. There are apps that link the security cameras with your mobile device and let you monitor the inside of your house.

Finding the correct security system with cameras in Orlando to fit your home should be done carefully and with the help of a security expert if possible.

Another way to secure house while on vacation relating to security systems is to advertise your security system. This means having signs and decals displayed so that it is obvious there is a security system on site.

Have a look at the latest powerful and efficient Orlando security systems that send real-time alerts with your choice of text, email, or phone call, has wireless image sensors and many more amazing features to ensure 100% safety and satisfaction.


5. Stay Offline

You may be so excited about your vacation plans and you just can’t wait to tell your friends and family on the social media. But this might not be a very good idea.

Keep your vacations offline until you return. Post all the pictures, updates and share all the interesting stories when you are back home. Criminals sometimes check social media to confirm when a home is vacant.


6. Unplug Appliances and Computers

Make sure before leaving that you unplug all your appliances starting from your television, fridge, refrigerator, laptop, and toaster. You do not know the weather conditions or the electricity situation in your city after you leave. There could be a storm resulting in a black out or a short circuit that could cause a fire.


7. Move Valuable Items Out of Sight

A wise move for keeping your valuable items safe is to keep them at secure places. This means keeping your jewelry and small valuables in a home safe or out of sight (not in a jewelry box on teh dresser).

In a nutshell, don’t keep valuable and expensive items in predictable places inside your house.


8. Hire a House Sitter

This step is more beneficial than creating an illusion of someone living in the house or having the neighbors keep a check. But even with a sitter make sure your home has a security system for when the sitter is away at work or the store.


9. Pause Your Mail

If the driveway has multiple newspapers or the mailbox is full of mail, it gives an indication of an empty home to the criminals. You should either pause your mail or ask a relative/neighbor/friend to collect stop by.


Enjoy your summer vacation, take these steps, and contact your local Orlando security system company with any questions!