Whether you own an Orlando retail establishment, commercial office building or industrial area, you can promote safety and security practices in the office environment.

Here are 20 ways to keep your Orlando business safer in 2020.

1. Dial 911 immediately if you notice suspicious strangers loitering in or near your place of business. Do not approach them yourself.

2. Develop written security policies and an emergency management program, including evacuation procedures.

3. Keep the view into your building clear. Don’t fill windows with multiple displays or signs.

4. Minimize the amount of cash you keep on the premises.

5. Make frequent money pickups from registers and regular bank deposits.

6. Try not to work alone. The presence of more employees may reduce the chances of armed robbery.

7. Install quality locks on doors and windows or invest in an access control system that allows you to quickly update entry/access restrictions over your mobile phone.

8. Invest in a monitored alarm system. Alarm systems are the best defense against property crimes. Visible evidence of a security system could be enough to deter criminals.

9. Always use interior and exterior lighting. Lighting prevents an intruder from concealing illegal activities. Motion sensor lighting is an inexpensive way to deter crime at your business.

10. Utilize video surveillance. You can also deter criminal activity by simply placing the video surveillance cameras in plain view.

Using Security Cameras and Other Tips to Protect Your Business

11. Analyze past incidents of crime and violence on the premises—and the immediate surrounding neighborhood—on a regular basis as a means of evaluating your security program.

12. Smart sprays and smoke. These deterrents leave a color or ultraviolet sensitive residue that can’t be removed by the robber or shoplifter.

13. Provide adequate illumination in all areas of the building, including hallways, basements and garages.

14. Advise security personnel to be alert to the presence of suspicious packages or illegally parked or unidentified vehicles, and immediately bring them to the attention of management.

15. Consider installing security film on lower and first floor windows that face public streets and parking areas.

16. Restrict access to shipping and receiving areas and provide closed-circuit television ( CCTV ) surveillance.

17. Don’t only point the cameras “out” on your property! The National Federation of Independent Business indicates annual losses due to employee theft cost U.S. companies $200 billion annually. And more than 60% of small businesses experience employee theft.

18. Make sure your Orlando security system provider is reputable. This is one of the biggest benefits of having a small business security system professionally installed versus a do-it-yourself job. A professional surveillance system company will be able to identify high-risk areas, tell you where you need cameras and what type (they have good relationships with the best suppliers) and share best practices based on your location.

19. Ask your security system provider if they are experts in low voltage cabling, IT networks and the design of video surveillance systems. The managed services and security industries are now so tightly intertwined, it’s always more efficient to find a one-stop provider you can trust for both!

20. And number 20 for 2020: consider installing thermal imaging cameras that detect changes in temperature. These are not only good for fires, but the latest thermal body temperature measurement models can detect employees or customers with elevated body temperatures within a few degrees.